Gender, race, and other issues (split off from Doper Demographics thread)

If her truth is transphobia, then she should go away, just as surely as if her truth were racism.

You do realize that the linguistic shift you are comfortable making is not universally shared and isn’t necessarily rooted in fear of trans-folk?

No fooling, really? Tell me more!

Maybe you should take that up with the guy that wrote the rule . . . or are you suddenly not wanting every rule Ed writes to be treated as if they were written by a god?

You should probably learn what -phobia actually means.

Guidelines can be found here:

This paragraph specifically applies (bolding mine):

  1. Do not deliberately misgender another poster – that is, refer to them by a pronoun or other sex-specific term indicating a gender other than the one they identify as. This applies only in cases where a poster’s gender identity is reasonably clear. Likewise, do not deliberately misgender off-board figures. This is a more rigorous standard than we apply in other contexts; we do not normally mod posters for merely insulting off-board figures. Deal with it.

I’m not complaining about the rule. I don’t really care. I’m just saying my reading of her complaint is different than your reading of her complaint.

No, it has not only been true. @iiandyiiii, this is that solipsistic narcissism I mentioned earlier. What do you think nightclub bouncers spend at least a third of their time doing? They keep on an eye on the restroom area so that when that drunken asshole mysteriously finds his way into the women’s, he can get tossed.

Well, at least that used to be the case. Now that is changing because women are increasingly being told it’s not a big deal if that drunk asshole barges in.

I’m not seeing in this list what @Left_Hand_of_Dorkness asserted. There is no rule about what definitions can be use, right?

No one has ever said this.

A problem when used as an excuse to assault trans people, obviously. But it’s still the proper thing to do when a bad person with bad intentions goes into a bathroom to prey on women. Trans people should not be reported for being trans; bad people with bad intentions should be reported and expelled/arrested.

What happens in a nightclub is irrelevant to an ATMB thread.

This thread is about the rules here and the enforcement of those rules, and how it affects users here, and how those effects are causing the SDMB to be skewed towards old white males.

Keep the discussion relevant to the rules and moderation here. If you feel that something should change, then state what you think needs to change.

This is what I’m questioning. A reading of the rules that were just posted show this assertion is false, and I don’t know what you are basing this on.

In particular, if YWTF refers explicitly to cis men, and just stays out of any discussion of trans people, i see no reason why she can’t start a thread about the value of excluding cis men from female-designated spaces.

Referring to someone that identifies as a woman as a “man” is deliberate misgendering and is a clear violation of the rules.

How this,

doesn’t result in that escapes me.

I have never done that.

Is it verboten to define man as an adult human male (with male referring to sex)?

If it results in deliberate misgendering, then yes, it is verboten.

I don’t understand what they even means, but it’s moot anyway.

It depends on the definitions. If they’re using it to try and protect themselves from cis men predators, then it’s reasonable (there are indeed lots of cis men predators). If they want to exclude and harm trans people, then it’s bad.

Occasionally someone might make a mistake. This will be possible no matter the policy.