Geneology of location or otherwise user names...

This is brought on by THIS my first thread.

Where are we all from? Or maby who do we represent by our user names or location preferences?

Just waitin’ for someone to come along and do a spelling correction for “genealogy”.

It’s okay folks, I’ve done it. :slight_smile:

So, cbm77 – you’d like to know more about the usernames of folks around here? Hang on a tick, I’ll see if I can find some links to past threads.

Mine, BTW, is from a fictional race of warriors on a fantasy world a friend and I developed over the last quarter century or so. I’ve rabbitted on about it elsewhere.

Hello all.
Mines nice and easy.
I lurked these boards for about two years before making a post.
I did said lurking from work.
In hindsight, maybe my username should have been “lurkedfromwork”

Ice Wolf I probably should become a G’doper as well.

Just this year’s threads to browse.

So how did you pick your user name?

Screen name significance?

Explain your username!

Cool, lurksfromwork. :slight_smile: Pop on over and have a look.

Ice Wolf, I would like to see those links and to know more about how and why you and your friend came about that name creatively.
My user name represents my heritage. My last name means “son of fire” in Gaelic, while the English version means “with a strong hand”. A Japanese friend of mine told me that my name meant divine light…Heh heh heh I wish I had a light right now. In ancient Mayan my name means “lord of the night”. And the Chinese culture sees my birth and name as the snake of comming dragon (whatever that means).

My son was born in 77. And we follow our Scottish heritage. The initials in my user name come from 5 generations of the clan we hale from (MacKay).

I really don’t think that much of myself or my dysfunctional family.
But to me it’s funny. Freakin “lord of the night”…Felt that way in college at bars.

Now that is awesome, cbm77. I’m quarter-Scot myself, father’s last name Bruce. Bits mixed in my line with Scots-Irish on that side, my grandfather born near Braemar.

“Ice Wolf” came at the end of a long process, really. My friend and I started writing stuff together in 1979, and got back together in 1992 after a few of life’s events happening to both of us. I associated myself with “wolf” back in '92, and when I registered chose “Ice Wolf” on a whim. We’d developed the ice wolves a couple of years before that – dimensional beings who are also defenders of their world.

Will the chronicles ever get published? Not in the forseeable near future, mainly because they’re way too weird. :slight_smile: Right now, my history work is being published, which is enough of a buzz.