What does your name mean?

I’ve noticed some clever and interesting names out there, please post where you came up with yours.

For example Kingpengvin comes from Black Adder III when the Mad King George III proclaims himself (In a German Accent) King Pengvin.

Look for mine on this page. It does a much better job explaining it than I can, cause I don’t have access to graphics or a symbol font.

“Aegypt” is an old spelling for “Egypt”. I just like they the word looks; I don’t have any real connection with Egypt, and I’m not even that much into things Egyptian.

MangeTout = Mange Tout = Eat all (french)
ManGetOut = Man Get out

My surname is derived from the word Gourmand (glutton)
-nominative determinism if ever I saw it.

“manhattan” is an Algonquin word meaning “mover of threads.”

Off to IMHO.

=flat green beans

lno comes from “lo new olf” which comes from “lonewolf” which comes from “lone wolf” which comes from a series of children’s books written by Joe Dever (and Ian Page?) that I loved when I first started bbsing around 10 or 11 years of age.

The transition to “lo new olf” occured when someone asked whether “lonewolf” was supposed to be two words. I said no, that it was three words, and made up a silly story about a mythical Olf. Blah blah blah blah blah, Lo! New Olf!

Which was then nicknamed LNO, and changed to lno because my shift key broke on a previous computer. Now I’m just sticking with it, damnit, until someday when I change it to lo, or maybe just l.

This is an eye opener. I could have sworn your name was Mange Trout. I was trying to picture what a fish with a skin condition would look like.

Sharp glance in Quenya.

Might in Old English. Oddly, it means kinswoman in OE, too.

I had to slay the previous Legomancer in unarmed combat to win the title.

in lieu of reed.

wanna walk on the wild side?

My user name is a combination of the honorific Ms. plus an alternate spelling of my first name, Robin. I don’t answer well to nicknames, and being mistaken for a man pisses me off.


Only those with vast knowledge of Muppets trivia will ever know!!!

Yeah, because men are vile & beneath contempt. A real insult.

To the OP…
I’m just an obvious amateur astronomer. Phobos was a cool sounding moon name that I have been using as my internet name for many years. (Only later did I realize it comes from the Greek word for “fear”. d’oh!)

Oh, you mean the world’s greatest eater from the Vincent Price episode? I liked that one. :slight_smile:

It only pisses me off because I’m not one. The decision to change it to Robyn came from some Boy Scouts mail inviting me to join, and from my early days on IRC when I’d get harrassed from PMs from gays wanting to cyber. I figured it was easier to change the spelling than to develop a new name.


Ino, you da man!!!

I look exactly like James Mason, except for being only four foot two.

I think my SDMB moniker speaks for itself. My name IRL means “conforming to the highest standard”. :slight_smile:

I haven’t answered this in a while, but I did, in some thread…

anyhoo. I keep a dreamjournal, and the worst dream I ever had was where I had an affair with Brett Favre, and got pregnant and gave birth to his child. I was so wrought with shame. Not for having an illegitimate child, but because it was BRETT FAVRE’S child, and everyone knows, I hate him with all of my being. He is my arch nemesis and I hope he breaks his arm this year.

anyway, In a fit of shame, I stuffed the baby in an empty jar and kept it in my bottom drawer, where it lived happily, but in secret.

And today, I am that jarbaby.