General Questions has been renamed to Factual Questions

The name of General Questions has always been a source of confusion to new users, since the forum/category is not in fact for general questions, but is instead only for questions of a factual nature. As part of our effort to make the SDMB friendlier to new users, we have therefore changed the name from General Questions to Factual Questions.

Is this the first time the name of one of the forums has ever been changed?

No. Politics and Elections was originally named Elections.

Forum names have been temporarily renamed for holidays (Halloween and April Fools) but that was just a temporary thing.

Ah yes, now I remember that.

Comments on Cecil’s Columns / Staff Reports was also originally just Comments on Cecil’s Columns. Comments on Staff Reports was merged into it later.

Arrrgh! It just isn’t the same! The Dope is forever changed!

Also, the BBQ Pit’s name has never technically been changed, but it used to be spelled “Raymond Luxury-Yacht”.

The Barn House forum was renamed to <404 not found>. I think it may have been hidden at some point before that tho.

Wait, does this mean that someone is actually running this place?

I recall fondly the days when the forum I almost never participate in was referred to as “GQ”. Nowadays, “FQ” sounds so… dirty!

Hail and huzzah to a much needed change! :man_dancing:

Would you prefer “FAQ”?

(for “Factual-Ass Questions”)

Should have gone wirh Specific Questions.

“Questions concerning asses only, please.”

Liking this change, although I’d bet people will ignore the name and continue to bring up debate-oriented / opinion questions afterward.

On the bright side, you won’t get people confusing the forum for the magazine.

I’m a bit sad that the bone of the Dope has been renamed, but otherwise I totally agree that “Factual Questions” is a much better name. But yeah, I sob a little…

They’re operating the pedals, but too short to reach the steering wheel.

Someone needs to update the link in Forum Jump.

I guess my question has been answered.

But factual questions about food and entertainment go in Cafe Society. Right?