Generic Head Cold Bitching (Possible TMI)

So, I woke up about an hour ago, after sleeping for about three hours. It’s now four in the fricking morning. Gotta be up for work in four hours. So why am I not sleeping? Here’s why:

<drip…drip…drip…Schnooooooonk! Snuffle…snuffle…ppppppffffrrrrroooooonnnk!! Sniff…sniff…cough…drip…drip…drip…>

My head is a complete and total snot factory. Fricking colds suck.

Lemme tell ya…these guys got it made —> :slight_smile: :dubious: :mad:

No noses.

Yeah, I’ve got that feeling too, along with a sore throat (my personal nemesis)

On top of it all I’ve not been able to get across town to see my g/f, she seems to think now that I have other reasons for not wanting to see her. She didn’t elaborate, just sounded somewhere between ever so slightly sad and angry on the phone yesterday evening :confused:

Yep, I’m right there with you, Hal . And my hubby, son and daughter all have it, too. And today is my birthday :frowning: Happy freakin’ birthday to me, with my stuffy, skanky head.

Ditto here. I’ve had it since last Friday. WTF?! Aren’t these things supposed to clear up in a few days? I blame it on the various things-you-should-not-do-with-a-cold that I did Saturday night. Saturday night → :smiley: Saturday night in retrospect → :frowning:

Ugh, I was dying of thirst on the subway in to work this morning. I finally got in and immediately gulped a couple glasses of water, only to . . . snortwhat . . . what’s that I feel? Quick, where’s the Kleenex??? SNORT it all came out my nose. At least I can breath now. Wonder how long it’ll last.

At this very moment, my lips are so dry and split they look like I’ve taken some sandpaper to them. In fact my bottom lip is so split it looks like it’s splitting in two. And this is the recovery stage…

Before that I had the whole “head full of gunk” problem. One nostril was always blocked, but which nostril was totally random. Add headaches and a sore throat and that has been my lst two weeks. :frowning:

hugs for everyone.

I have a bad head cold too. All my co-workers were sick in January and February, when I had really important stuff going on. I kept thinking “I’ll have plenty of time to catch everyone’s cold in March when my schedule opens up, if I can just hold out.” Well, it finally caught up with me on Monday, and I’ve been feeling crummy ever since. My colds usually last 1 to 2 weeks, with the worst part early on. I haven’t slept well in a few nights thanks to sinus headaches from the pressure, and plenty of coughing: the dry, hacking kind that make your whole body convulse, AND the “wet,” rumbly kind that sound like Darth Vader with consumption. I also have pressure in my chest, like someone is stepping down on my with all their weight. I’ve been miserable and slow at work, but I feel like I’m not quite messed-up enough to use up any sick days just yet.

So being sick sucks, and I empathize with all of you. Get some vitamin C, clear fluids, and as much rest as possible!

I’m sorry that there’s so many other Dopers feeling cruddy too. It sucks big time.

For me, it’s mostly in my throat. It started a few days ago with a familiar itch near my right tonsil that caused me to cough so hard Tuesday morning that I barfed. Usually, the store brand of Triaminic spray (with phenol) numbs the itch for a bit but this time the itch wasn’t having any of it. I thought that since the bottle was nearing its expiration date I’d get a new one. Still no good. Swishing around a bit of minty toothpaste in my mouth works a bit better.

Oh, and while I was out yesterday getting the medicine, I got some sweet and sour chicken for dinner at the deli. An hour later, I coughed so hard that came up too. Now my throat is sore and my side is sore from the coughing. And then there’s the fun of the phleghm and snot. Which begs the question: How can something roughly the size of a football hold about 50 gallons of mucus anyway? Answer that, Cecil!

So, yes, I would like some cheese with my whine. I just can’t guarantee that it’ll stay down.

Oh, my Og, Tikki, I’m so sorry for you! I’ve nevered coughed so hard I barfed; what a pain. This weekend, though, I found that heavily spiced mulled cider worked well to a sore throat. I think it was all the cloves. Of course, hot wine on an empty stomach has its own numbing quality . . . :slight_smile:

Hope you feel better soon.

grrrr Mulled wine. That was supposed to be mulled wine. :smack: