Generic Thread

Original post.

Link to previous post on similar topic.

Reply informing that generic thread has already been done. Statement that someone less lazy will be along to provide a link

Smack head smiley indicating simulpost.

Malcontent states that he too tried to start a “generic thread” in the Pit a while back, but posters said it wasn’t funny and had been done to death, and the mods called it trolling and locked it.

Hey, this is offensive to generic people.
Hi, Opal!

Earnest, yet vaguely off-topic post that just seems to go on for a while and eventually returns to the OP.

Plus, a random emoticon: :eek: , f’rinstance.




Thinly veiled milestone post.

Incredulity and admiration. In-joke. Open display of affection, smiley.

Flirting thinly disguised as relevant reply.

Excuse to show off sig.

Odd remark that the poster thinks is brilliantly witty, but the OP finds sarcastic and offensive, and Pits the poster.

Drive-by post, with obscure pop culture reference.

Hijack of original post long before the question posed has been answered, or topic brought up fully discussed.

Apology for hijack with just enough contrition to keep OP from bitching without looking like a meanie.

Smart-ass flip remark.

Fleet footed poster in the all-together.

Post correcting spelling error in previous post of smart-ass flip remark, accidentally posted twice.

Obnoxious repetative question regarding the depth of the ocean and other related statistics.

Post blaming thread on a political party.

Post pointing out that poster #11 neglected to include her sig.