Genital piercing and braces. Ever get stuck?

I’ve actually thought about this before, being a bit of a freak myself. Man, I remember the first time I kissed a girl with a tongue stud. And, er… ahem… the other things a tongue stud is good for. Yippee!

Anyways, guys and girls are getting pierced in all sorts of places, and I don’t mean New York City. Ever get genital jewelry (GJ) stuck to other GJ or braces?

Got up the nerve to post this 'cause of another thread. Thanks, Guinastasia and JillGat!

What are tongue studs good for?

The link:

Oral sex.

tongue studs create an incredible sensation when applied to an erect penis. TMI? I hope not


tongue studs…nice…

ah, memories!

(GJ, by the way is not all it’s cracked up to be, give me a man with a bolt through his tongue over one with a bolt through his bits anyday)

I have braces… and although I’ve never experienced any genitalia exposed enough to tell if it was peirced or not, I’ve made out with a guy with a tongue ring and though it got caught a few times, it wasn’t to bad…

Ah, I miss my tongue peircing. Had to let it go a few years ago, but if I can gets me a good job where nobody gives a damn, I reckon I’ll do it again.

I miss how clicks off my wife’s when we kiss.

Yeah. :smiley:

the whole idea of this thread… ewww. (mildly arousing, but EWWW!)

  • and ouch.

I’ve never had any worries about my pierced foreskin.

Then again, I keep it in a display case on the mantle ;j :smiley:

[sub]I shall duck and run now[/sub]

I can happily say that I’m past that stage in my life where I have to worry about braces damaging any skin, no matter the circumstances.

On the flip side, I’m also at the stage in my life that SHOULD that happen I’ll be going to jail for a LONG LONG time.

It doesn’t really seem like the jewelry would be able to interlock, so can’t really see that stuff happeneing. But if it does, good luck!

Many Cuban men apparently insert a small shell/pebble/ball bearing (or some such) under the skin at the base of their penises. It supposely enhances their sex partner’s enjoyment. Sure seems like a lot of people need a lot of help enjoying sex.

Yeah, I get stuck on the couch whenever I even consider going out and having that done.
I wonder how come when my wedding band hits my penis I don’t get that same sensation you were talking about.

Because it’s not attached to someone else. :stuck_out_tongue: