Gensture from Derek Lowe

Can someone please explain what was so offensive about Lowe’s celebrating? To me, it just looked like he was pumping his fists in joy…the same way he did after Trot Nixon hit his homer in Game 3.

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According to the linked story, Snetho, the A’s are accusing Lowe of making OBSCENE gestures towards them, which is obviously a bit more than just pumping your first.

Frankly, it sounds to me like the A’s were just reacting to a tough loss and saw offense where there was none. They’re under a lot of scrutiny for having blown so many big games in the postseason over the last few years, and the pressure sometimes gets to you when that happens.

The A’s are simply whining. Lowe meant nothing at all offensive by his “gesture”; he was merely excited that his team had won the game.

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Furthermore, though I do think that Manny’s stand-and-watch of his home run was uncalled for, I don’t think it’s as big a deal as the Fox announcers made it out to be. If it had been Sosa (who routinely jumps in the air after making contact) or Barry (who does all sorts of gesticulations), they’d be praised for their enthusiasm and youthful spirit.