Geobabe, Class of 2001

(This is a few days late, but I wanted to get the official word before posting.)

Everybody please join me in extending sincere and hearty congratulations to Geobabe on her graduation from Smith College. A few more geologists like you and we’ll have this planet figured out in no time. Kickass, and rock on!

blush Dern you!

Thank you, my friend.

Congrats, Geobabe!!

[sub](…still waiting for that Women of Geology feature in Playboy Magazine, though…)[/sub]

Geobabe graduated? Oh, wait. I know that. Still congrats, tho! From Smith, too. Damn! I’m impressed! You go girl!

Congrats to my favorite new geologist! Woohoo for the lovely and talented Geobabe!

Another Smithy enters the “real” world. Way to go Geobabe!

Let’s hope you end up actually using your Smith degree, unlike my sister…

'Grats, 'babe. Good luck to you.

<-----rubbing lemon oil into the handle of Geo’s new pick-ax. M’lady, your hand tools await you :smiley:

Cartooniverse, slave to Geobabe and damned proud of both the job, AND the benefits package

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, Geobabe!!

Good work, sweet one!

Rockin’! Great show, Geobabe!

Anything planned to celebrate? A car, trip to Hawaii? You deserve it.

Super congratulations, Geobabe!

Aww, thanks everybody. Hugs and smooches all around.

Gosh, if only I had known one of the bennies of a Smith education was a personal slave, I’d have gone years ago! Oh, BTW, manhattan, I still have a position for a cabana boy that remains unfilled. Might you be interested?

Geobabe, congratulations!

[sub]Oh, to be young agai…wait, never mind[/sub] :stuck_out_tongue:

Way to go, what a relief eh?

Allow me to provide you with an appropriately edited Calvin and Hobbes

Hey Geobabe…going into seismo? Interested in working in Reno NV? I’ll ask my brother to fix you up.

Mucho cogratulatories, Geobabe!