Geometry of a Sandwich

That’s it! It must be settled!

Triangles OR Rectangles–Which tastes better?

Don’t forget squares!

Apparently circles taste the very, very best of all, because when I used to babysit and would ask the kids what shape to cut their sandwiches in, they would always say “circles!”. Or maybe they just like to frustrate me.

Crust-removed :slight_smile:

Cylindrical, but then again tortillas are the only bread I have in the house right now.

I start at one corner and cut completely around the crust with a layer of 1/16th of an inch. When I am within 1/16th of an inch from my original corner (give or take .004 inches), having circumnavigated the entire wheat and meat product, I continue the cut using the same patern in an ever tightening square. When I am done (usually within the hour but it depends on just how precise I feel like being), I unravel my creation and voila, I now have a 100 meter long angel hair bologna sandwich.

We have a winner! (BTW, you must have been hell on your baby sitter.)

Ask Arthur Dent, the Great Sandwich Maker.

Well, er, uh… isn’t it usually with the girl in the middle?

Oh… food, you want to talk about food!
It Depends on the sandwich:

[li]Triple Decker Club Sandwich[/li][sup]MUST BE CUT ON BOTH DIAGONALS[/sup]

[li]Peanut Butter and Jelly[/li][sup]CUT ON ONE DIAGONAL ONLY[/sup]

[li]Submarine, Hero, Hoagy or Grinder[/li][sup]ONE DIAGONAL OR STRAIGHT CUT IN THE MIDDLE[/sup]

[li]Regular Meat and Cheese Sandwich[/li][sup]RECTANGULAR CUT KEEPS INTACT BETTER[/sup]

[li]Grilled Cheese Sandwich[/li][sup]UNCUT TO RETAIN MELTED CHEESE[/sup]

[li]Tea Time Finger Sandwiches[/li][sup]CUT ON BOTH DIAGONALS WITH CRUSTS OFF[/sup]

-Turkey bacon club (Not turkey, ham, and bacon)
Circular, cause it is on a croissant.

Sandwiches must be cut diagonally, although the degree of diagonalness varies with the shape of the uncut bread. And of course round sandwiches, such as the muffaleta must be cut into wedges.