George C. Scott, Patton, Ann Coulter

Did George C. Scott do his best to make Patton look bad in the film Patton? Did Scott turn down his Oscar because the film and Patton ended up being liked by people, when he wanted it to make Patton look bad? This is the view put out by Ann Coulter. She says the filmakers wanted Patton to look bad, but since it was accurate people loved Patton so liberals no longer make accurate films.

So does Coulter have it right?

Coulter is an idiot.

Ann Coulter has nothing right. I don’t have a cite, but Patton’s family was happy Goerge C. Scott’s portrayal.

Was Franklin J. Schaffner even a liberal/leftist?

Ditto to Mr. Babbington’s assertion. A quote from the History Channel’s “Movies in Time” when dealing with “Patton:” (from George S. Patton III) “As I watched the movie with my father, he started crying. Thats when I knew that he [Scott] had done an extrodanary job; he [Scott] was just like my grandfather”

Anyone think that Coultier is actually a closet Communist, or is it just me?

Coulter’s nuts. Scott is on record as to why he didn’t accept that award. He doesn’t feel that it’s appropriate for actors to pat each other on the back and give each other awards. Sounds good to me.

And Scott is a good enough actor that I think George S. Patton came out exactly the way he intended him to be. It was a fantastic performance in a fantastic movie.

But Coulter is saying it was accurate.

Ann Coulter is wrong.

Patton was not the first role for which George C. Scott earned as Oscar nomination. Had he won the award for The Hustler in 1961, he would have turned it down.

As others have said, Scott’s refusal of the award for Patton was merely a testament to his distaste for competition among actors.

Ann Coulter At The Movies. Just what the world needed.

Scott’s portrayal of Patton was nuanced and contradictory, just like a real human being. That was the point of the performance, and that’s why it was good. Scott didn’t accept the Oscar because, “Bob” love him, he was a pretentious artist-type.

Ugh. I’m glad to see even conseratives are sick of her.


Did Scott ever say how he felt about Patton (the man)?

DTC: Just wanted to take a rare opportunity of agreeing with you.:slight_smile:

Although ad hominem attacks generally make bad debating, when an idividual is so often wrong and so thoroughly partisan, there is no reason to believe anything that person says.

Scott’s disdain for the Oscars was well publicized years before he was nominated for Patton. Like most of Coulter’s drivel, she is simply inventing nonsense.

Schaffner has some credits that could indicate a “liberal” attitude–episodes of Playhouse 90 and The Defenders–but he also directed The Warlord.

The screenplay was based on two works, Ladislas Farago’s biography, Patton: Ordeal and Triumph and Omar Bradley’s autobiography, A Soldier’s Story and was written by Francis Ford Coppola and Edmund H. North–with not a soldier-hating (or even Patton-hating) member in the bunch.

Coulter is simply a self-promoting liar.

Coulter is a total nutball…why would you even ask this question? lol, this is the most convoluted conspiricy theory I’ve seen in a while…gave me the best laugh of the night!

My god though…I’ve NEVER seen such a consensus on this board. lol :smiley:


I see Ann Coulter from time to time on Fox News;which,by the way,should be regarded as pure entertainment and not as a serious news-channel.I am sorry to say this woman has nothing going for her,she’s obviously an idiot.

People believing Ann Coulter makes the baby Jeebus cry.

Allow me to quote Carlo D’Este, on pages 1-2 of his biography *Patton: A Genius for War:

And I’d swear that somewhere in this damned book, Carlo D’Este admits that the film is an actual citation of sorts, because the creators of the film actually sought out people who served with him and used some of their interviews in the film, thus making parts of the film a viable secondary source.

Unfortunately, D’Este uses hundreds of endnotes, just like Al Franken does, so I can’t find the damned citation for the citation.

Liberals poisoned my well.

Maybe Ann Coulter is trying to make people dislike Ann Coulter by doing such a good job portraying her. Unfortunately everybody likes her… hmmmmn, that doesn’t work.