George Lucas is even more evil than we thought.

There definitely seems to be some overlap between science fiction/fantasy writing and such kinks as incest and pedophilia. According to this site, Frank Herbert was for one proposed movie script of Dune going to have Alia be Paul and Jessica’s daughter rather than his baby sister, but he (correctly) guessed that readers wouldn’t accept it. Piers Anthony let some issues be visible in his Xanth novels. Heinlein is a discussion by himself.

I remember that odd age discrepancy in Indiana Jones!

Wasn’t there a similar thing with the parents in Poltergeist?

George Lucas having Luke and Leia kiss.
George Lucas designing Padme’s black Naboo outfit for Episode II.
George Lucas and Steven Spielberg playing with sand while getting the idea for Indiana Jones.
Not just *Indiana Jones * - but did anyone hear or read some of the outlandish ideas for *Star Wars *that Lucas was inspired to do. I mean, he was serious about some very strange plot developments.

Much as I loathe George Lucas, I have to go with this. I’ve been in plenty of brainstorming sessions that have veered into the offensive. Sometimes a stupid creepy idea is a stepping stone to something interesting and useful.

I have read that the early concept was heavily Dune inspired, with the Galaxy having been ruled as an empire for millenia and the Jedi and the Sith as two rival orders seeking influence and control.

Indiana Jones and the Shirley Temple of Doom

Yeah, Lucas seems to really be pushing it. Notice how he starts out with the girl only ten (“hasn’t seen her in twelve years. Now she’s twenty-two”) or eleven, then he wheedlingly adjusts her up to about thirteen, and then fifteen. He wanted that angle.


This is in no way related to George Lucas, but I want to share a joke I heard on Prairie Home Companion a couple of weeks ago.

“You can say what you want about pedophiles, but at least they slow down as they drive past a playground or school.”

Okay. I’m the first to admit they’re among the sickest humans on the planet, but that made me guffaw. Especially having heard it on PHC.



What I find hard to believe is Harrison Ford robbing the cradle.

Some calls me wittty, they does!

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I wouldn’t call it evil. It’s brainstorming, as others have said. A writer’s mind churns forth some weird stuff when in story-creating mode – and when you have two other minds to bounce ideas off of, things get exponentially wackier!

Reading the whole story conference is fascinating and gives me a new appreciation of the cleverness of the final product. Here’s an excellent (and brief) analysis of the transcript and in particular the lessons for screenwriters. Or writers of any fiction, for that matter.

I left the theatre and turned to my husband and said "every time I want to make sure you aren’t interested in me, I wear a black leather bustier. That way, I’m sure to send you the proper signal that there is no hope.

I don’t agree with that. It makes him sound like a TFG, the kind of person who says something disturbing and doesn’t recognise “Please! Just stop talking.” signals.

In the early script, they weren’t raiding the lost ark. Just a cradle.

TFG? Transitional Federal Government? Please to explain…?

When I was ten, I thought boys were icky!

That Fucking Guy. Someone you’d rather avoid interacting with, in this case because you don’t want to have a debate about whether your movie’s hero should have once had an affair with an eleven year old.

Yeah, somebody Spielberg wanted to avoid interacting with sooooo badly that he almost 50 hours brainstorming with him nonstop. :rolleyes:

Stuff like this happens when people are riffing. It’s not like Lucas was *pushing *for Indy to be a pedophile. It was a passing thought in the middle of the creative flow.

It’s a weird thought to have pass.

Let’s reverse the ages, then. Indy’s ten and…

This just isn’t going to work is it?

Well, with respect to the last Indy picture, it would have been worth a shot (re:nuking the fridge).

Indy was born in 1899, which means he was 36/37 in the movie. Marion says it’s been 10 years so he was 26/27. I believe Marion was 10 years or so younger. She even says “It was wrong and you knew it.”

As for marrying young, yes people did. My great grandmother got married at 16, her husband was 8 years older. When they got divorced my great grandfather married another woman who was 25 years younger then him. She was a year older then my great aunt.

Frankly though, movies (society in general, in my opinion) have gotten much more prudish over the last 20-30 years. Isn’t there a scene in Animal House involving an underage girl? Then there is the Bad News Bears - I was shocked rewatching that (Its a good movie, it just shows how much MORE you got away with in mainstream movies regarding kids 20-30 years ago). The teenage sex comedy was a staple of 1980s cinema - hey, lets have high school kids run a brothel, it will be funny.