Indian Jones is a rapist?

So I’m watching raiders of the lost ark for the 42nd thousand time. Just now it clicks that Indiana probably statitorily raped Marion some time in the past. The scene when he finds her in the bar, she says something like “I was just a child, and you knew it was wrong!” To which he blows her off by saying “you knew what you were doing”

I always knew they had a thing together in their history, but for some reason I never caught that line that seems to imply his affair was with an underage girl.

Unless Marion meant “child” figuratively, and that “it was wrong” because she was so-and-so’s daughter. That might be a bit of a stretch.

It’s “native american” Jones, I think.

And that’s not a terrible point. Certainly Marion feels she was taken advantage of. There’s some stuff in 1980’s movies that would be considered insane by today’s standards.

And come to think of it, the relationship in question would have taken in the 1930s or 1940s. Weren’t attitudes toward age differences different back then? Were the laws different?

Either she meant child literally, as in pre-pubescent, or she meant it figuratively. I don’t think you’re saying she meant it literally, like she was 8 years old or something.

Assuming she meant it figuratively, speaking as an adult I think of and refer to my 18 to early-20s self as a child who knew nothing, virtually indistinguishable from my 15-year-old self.

Wikipedia claims she was fifteen.

Exploitative as hell - and the movie pretty much acknowledges that. But probably not illegal in 1930’s Nepal.

Come on, dope! This is the one place I’d expect to find 1930s Nepalese lawyers at 3am!

I always thought the Ravenwoods still lived in America when Indy and Marion were together
Irregardless I’m tired of this trend of SJWs looking through all old entertainment and calling people rapists

Does anyone share Aspidistra’s assumption that the relationship happened in Nepal?
I never assumed so. I figured Marion’s father, like Indiana, was constantly bouncing from one end of the globe to the other with occasional semi-longterm stays in academia at one Western university or another. I figured Marion was also being dragged along, little if any kind of stability in her life- somewhat of an “archaeology brat” akin to army brats.

Indy did go to Nepal looking for Abner, not realizing he had died. But it seemed to me that Indy simply knew Nepal to be the most recent location for Abner rather than Nepal having been a long time home where Abner raised his daughter.

Sooo- this means you are in favor of rapists?

…I’m actually more tired of the trend of calling people “SJW’s”.

…so, what? Now we should edit this film so Harrison Ford didn’t shoot first, too?!?!?
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It’s too bad they deserve it so richly in many cases.

Not as bad as dismissing ideas you don’t agree with with a blanket statement, though.

…no they don’t, as “SJW”'s don’t really exist. For example there aren’t groups of people looking through all old entertainment and calling people rapists. Its a convenient boogyman, a literal strawman, a fictional construct, not a real thing. But that really is a subject for another thread.

How old was Indy at the time?

From this cite, we have a transcript of the discussion between Lucas, Spielberg, and Kasdan discussing the ages of the people involved:

That is creepy as balls. Maybe it’s the SJW in me talking or what, but bloody hell this is creepy.

George Lucas had a creepy idea but that didn’t make it into the movie. Spielberg knew better than to make her that young. Back in the old days when people actually tempered Lucas’s bad ideas.

Yeah, a really extreme-youth alternative backstory was discussed, and it was dismissed. “She had better be older than 22”. No harm done. Instead it’s implied that this all happened while she was in her mid teens – a scenario where she might in hindsight say she was just a child, meaning emotionally, but socially it would not be that ***badly ***scandalous by the old standards to be involved with a girl of 15 or 16, except for the not proceeding to marry her.