Idiot friend of the family, who has sex with underage girls

Dear friend of the family,

I’ve known you since I was about 5 and you were 8. We weren’t close friends, but our parents are, and we spent many evenings and weekends together, your family and mine. And now I find out you are in jail, charged with having sex with a minor. A friend of your child’s.

You idiot. You couldn’t keep your dick in your pants huh? You couldn’t have an affair with the neighbor. You had to have one with your kid’s friend. Now your wife, your kids, your parents, your siblings, the girl and her family will all have to pay for it. I’m much more upset about the damage to all of them. You’re going to have to live with yourself. With prison. With being on the sex offenders list for the rest of your life. With living in a small town where EVERYONE knows. But you are the idiot who made that choice. So while I’m saddened, I can’t feel terribly sorry for you.

But the rest of them? They are all your victims. Your parents should be enjoying their retirement, but now they are worried about you and your family. They have to help out your wife and your kids. Your siblings have to explain to their kids why their uncle isn’t around any more. Why they won’t see you at Christmas. I can’t begin to understand how your wife and kids feel. I haven’t seen you in 15 years, and I’m having trouble with this. How much harder must it be for them. The girl? Some people will probably claim that she asked for it, but dude, she is underaged, and a friend of your kid. As the adult, IT WAS YOUR REPONSIBILITY TO SAY NO!


Frank, you said you weren’t going to say anything.

How awful.

I found out earlier this year that a former co-worker, who has three little kids of his own, was arrested in an international sweep of child pornographers. He flew to Europe to make videos of himself with children and distributed them. I ran into him at the mall less than a year before his arrest after not having seen him in several years. He had his kids with him and had already made his videos when I saw him. This asshole was with prepubescent kids. It’s unfathomable. Last I heard, he pled guilty to a number of counts and awaiting sentencing for Federal Prison.

ETA: I just Googled him. He was sentenced 9 years, fined $25,000 and will have supervision for life when he gets out.

charged with **

How underaged is she? Frankly, 15 and over and I just shrug.

You dont work in the film industry and summer in France do you ? :slight_smile:

No, but I’d like to point out that the age of consent in Canada was 14 until quite recently, and there were no resultant herds of barbarian pedophiles blackening the plains like the buffalo of old.

Does it matter? Dude knowingly exposed his family to the loss of himself and now they have to suffer the consequences. Banging a child is a lot like skydiving, bungee-jumping, croc-rasslin, and shooting up junk with strangers: all those activities are voluntary and can take you away from the people who depend on you. And I think that’s what the OP is on about. well, and the shame of having a certified ped in the family.

As I’m sure the father in question would do if one of his adult friends screwed his daughter. I’m sure he’d agree that she was really mature for her age/asking for it/seduced him/looked 18.

Fathers: paragons of rationality.

Sex with a minor, dude. You don’t say “Innocent until proven guilty”, you scream “Burn the paedo!”. Didn’t you get the memo? Anyone charged must have done it, and if they’re acquitted, it’ll be on a technicality.

I didn’t know you could bungee jump your way into prison.

And right back out again. That’s the beauty of it!

HYPOCRITE!!!..wait, I misread your username…nevermind.

I don’t get it.

I seriously did misread the first three letters of his username and thought that post might have come from a different poster. If that doesn’t clue you in, you don’t really want to know :slight_smile:

Sure you can! Try it off the Golden Gate Bridge sometime. Pretty sure Jon and Ponch would happily escort you to the barry place.

Oh…ohh, okay. I was trying to think of someone with the first three letters of his name who was a known pedophile.

Count me on the side of ‘Presumed innocent until…’

Ha, I see girls coming into NYU as Freshman and they look like small children to me and I am only 31.

For me the real concern of temptation is nailing one of my kids’ friends’ Mom. There are some hot Mommas out there for sure.

Having been the backdoor man at a younger age I can honestly say the pity I hold for the other fool is a big deterrant, especially since now the fools wouldn’t just be the other dude but also my own wife, and I’d hate to do that to her.