German speakers: translate "Betreiberrisken"

I’m trying to translate this report, and the word “Betreiberissken” is not recognized by Babelfish or Google’s translation service. Here is the full sentence in which it appears:

“Die Kanadier seien aber nicht bereit gewesen, entsprechende Betreiberrisken zu übernehmen - “entgegen vorherigen Zusagen”, betonte der BIG-Sprecher.”

Any help? Thanks.

Endlich! Etwas dass ICH verstehe!

The spelling you have there is, I believe, incorrect. The correct spelling of the word is ‘Betriebsrisiken’, which is literally translated as ‘work risks’ and idiomatically translated as ‘business risks’ in this context.

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Actually, could also be ‘Betreiberrisiken’ which would mean ‘user risks’, but my answer is functionally the same above.

Literally, “business risks”.

“The Canadians, however, were not prepared to take over the appropriate business risks (liabilities, perhaps?) - “contrary to their previous promises”, the spokesman for BIG empahsised.”

I thought that might be it. That meaning made sense in the context, and a spelling error seemed likely, since Google didn’t turn up many other examples of the word.

Danke schoen.

Seems to mean “the Canadians are not ready to insure the …” Betreiberrisken means the “risks of the operator”, using “operator” in the sense of “someone who controls or operates something.” “Entsprechende Betreiberrisken zu uebernehmen” literally means “corresponding operator risks to take over”