Gesta Dooforum

What is wrong with me these days? I can’t seem to do the simplest thing right.

In the last two days I’ve left two school books behind in my classes. Mercifully the expensive one turned up. So here I am already considering myself a right twit.

But today took the cake. Today, I went out to (finally) photograph a sculpture by an artist who also did work in the metro, for my web site. This sculpture is located a few klicks away in southern Verdun. So I head out on my bike. When almost there, I get a flat tire, so I lock my bike up to a convenient bike rack and keep on going on foot. I get all the way to the Wonderful Sculpture and…

discover I’d forgotten my camera.

bashes head against wall

Oh well, now that I’ve collected the camera, off back to Verdun on the bus to collect my bike, pump it up at a gas station (ooh, a mere four long suburban blocks away), and see if I can get it all the way home without being run over by a cement mixer or falling into the aqueduct or something similar.

Wish me luck. I’m going to need it.


I’m catsitting for a friend, and I woke up with poop on my covers.

Great rant, and love the title, but since you are only one person, shouldn’t it be Gesta Doofi?

Great rant, and love the title, but since you are only one person, shouldn’t it be Gesta Doofi? (because the genitive of singular 2nd declension nouns is -i)

matt_mcl, are you sure you’re not pregnant??

In the last 2 days I have:

  1. shown up for an interview without my resume or the name of the person I was supposed to meet.
  2. shown up at 2:00 pm for a (different) 1:00 pm interview.
  3. cooked 3 pounds of spaghetti when I meant to cook 1 pound.

By the way, want to come over for leftover spaghetti? You could take a picture of it all with your camera, if you don’t forget it. :wink:

P.S. Good luck. I’m sure things will turn around for you. I’ve got another 4 months minimum of this braindead state.

Yeah, but WHOSE?

His name was Zany. I held him underwater until he stopped twitching. Voila! no poop tonight!

My gesta are so doofotic, they are worthy of several doofi.

And to top it off… it doesn’t seem to be a mere flat tire, inasmuch as I filled up the tire at a gas station and it promptly deflated again.

And, to top it all off… by the time I got it to the nearest metro station, it was rush hour and bicycles were forbidden. groan so I have to go all the way back there tonight after 7:30 to fetch it, and hope it doesn’t get stolen in the meantime, and then come up with the money to have the fool thing repaired.

I hate my life.

[font size=1]snuggles the boi Okay, I semi-hate it.[/font]

And now I’ve forgotten to pick up the fool thing.

Hope it’s still there in the morning.

:smack: dontcha hate when that happens?

Well, it was… when I woke up at 6 AM to go get it.

Which technically I’m not supposed to do, but seeing as how the reason for the bike-in-the-metro schedule is to avoid clogging up the train at rush hour, and there were possibly four people in the forward car, nobody seemed too inclined to bother me about it.

Now I have to scrape together the piasses to replace the inner tube.