Get a load of my Birthday Cake!

Today I’m 10-1/2 in dog years!

burpette got me a cake from Publix and JUST LOOK AT THAT EXCELLENT ARTWORK! The bakery salesperson (not the Artiste) had to admire it, then when b got up to the register, the cashier had to take it around to show it off to the other cashiers. Then the bagboy got a look-see and gave it a custom wrapping job for transport. I’m flabbergasted.

Is it possible to gain back the 21 lbs I’ve lost–in the past month–from one slice of cake? Sure feels like it.

Birthday dinner will be Caesar Salad with grilled chicken on top.

My b-day present was desperately needed gym shorts.

Thank you, my wife; yer the best.
(What’s my actual age? Whistle for it!) :slight_smile:

Happy birthday! Great cake, especially for one bought from a grocery store.


Happy Diamond Birthday to you.
And many more!

Nice. I quite like Publix cakes.

Happy Birthday! Great cake. :slight_smile:

My blood sugar just went up. So sweet of Mrs. B. I guess my party invite was lost in the mail:(

have a happy

that’s nice someone took the time to hand pipe it , that’s becoming a lost art …. most cake décor is preprinted edible paper stuff with toy like things on it

Are those really what you and Burpette look like? :smiley:

Happy birthday anyway.

Nice! I’m jealous!

Happy birthday :slight_smile:

Trust btwm to bring cake.

Publix is awesome. Look at those little puppy mouths!
Happy birthday burpo! My guess? You are 49 years old.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes.

Testify! My wife kept saying, “You’re not gonna believe this!” She was right. Marvelous job.

You so clever: Diamond can signify 60th or 75th. I’m closer to the former. I hope.

I like everything from Publix bakery. A bit too much. :wink:

I stopped into Publix yesterday to personally thank the artiste who decorated the cake (and slip her a fin for her trouble), but she wasn’t there. The rest of the bakery staff couldn’t stop crowing about her abilities; I can see why. They’re not allowed to take tips.

Huh, mine, too.

That had to take at least an hour, wouldn’t you say? The detail is astounding!

Close enough! We don’t want to cut into the dogger faces! They’re too nice!

If you want the name of the baker (Chris) and which Publix she works at, PM me and maybe she can whip up a pair of Goldens for your next birthday cake. :smiley:

Man, you sure got my number!

Off by 10. Trying to butter me up to get a slice, eh? It’s working. :slight_smile:

Thanks again, all; see you next year!

Would you say, ‘It’s a Dog-Eat-Dog World’?

Now I need a Publix sub. I feel so sorry for the Dopers that do not have a Publix in their area.

And how!

(The cake’s gone, already. sniff)

Ooo, an excellent idea! Their deli/lunch meat actually tastes like food. Grab a banana pudding from the macaroni/potato salad section while you’re at it.

… & right now im wearing Milk-Bone underwear.