Get a load of THIS asshole

I rented the obscure Shelly Winters/John Savage horror flick The Killing Kind, and I go to post my vote on the IMDB. I notice a user named Space Maggot has posted a review. Here’s part of what he said:

This is another one of those movies you pick out expecting nothing, and then are pleasantly surprised. I thought the acting was superb, and I actually was moved by the heartbreaking ending. The video box featuring the original poster art suggested you could use this film to spot a mass murderer…lives with his mother, kills small animals, likes to look at women…hey, Space Maggot is ready for his first victim!

The small animals in the movie were cats. Just what is Space Maggot implying? You know, it ain’t healthy to have to compare yourself to a serial killer in order to make yourself look more normal.

Maybe it’s just a phase.

Or maybe he’s accurately making a point that the movie generalizes too much.

Oh thank god.
When I saw the thread title, I thought there might be a link to goatsex.

A phase with possibly fewer consequences than your last three threads. and + this thread.

This is it? This is your entire Pit rant? There’s, like, more coming, right? A second post with a punchline or something? Right? I mean, there’s a point around here somewhere, isn’t there?


What are you thanking God for? There isn’t any link to goatsex! This is a disaster!

Same here. And it’s goatsec. God, if I’ve seen that once, I’ve seen it about a thousand times. I’m pretty much desensitized to it.

The link, traditionally pronounced “goatsex,” is not even remotely spelled that way, for good reason. If you really want to know about it (and I advise heartily agianst it), you might be able to find the link somewhere at Or the Stile Project.

You will NOT find it here. And especially not from me.

It’s actually ‘goatse’ with a Christmas Island suffix after the dot. I usually hear it pronounced ‘goat-see’. There is also a buttse that is even grosser.

Meet the Miller. He’s the guy next door who you’ll just adore:

Or just ask Smile and Act Nice. Although, the actual link is blocked, and will come up *****