Get off my dick about not getting a vaccine yet (not anti-VAXX)

CVS will still not let me sign up because I don’t meet criteria, and while the site has now revised their criteria it indicates no appointments are available. My “historonics”, as you refer to them, is a result of my frustration of seeing months of incompetence, miscommunication, arbitrary and capricious public health decisions, and outright corruption with no one being held accountable, and now this disorganized scrum of vaccines being sent out with little planning or tracking instead of an organized program that one would expect a state like California would be capable of.

As for fucking Kaiser, when I was their “client” they tried to bill me for tens of thousands of dollars of medical services I very evidently never received (most of it dated prior to being on a Kaiser health plan and quite obviously not consistent with my medical record), and then when presented with evidence of their mistake, doubled down by passing the account to a collection service to hound me and attack my credit history. That, on top of the shitty, overpriced ‘service’ I got from the couple of times I actually used them makes me inclined to stay as far away from that turdbowl as possible.


You just don’t want a vaccine that bad. The criteria for CVS will change at midnight. Try in several hours. Or just put whatever into their questions. You’ll be right with a vaccine after today.

Try Costco. What’s wrong with them?

Your hardon against Kaiser is probably well founded but just manage your PTSD and get it done.

Well, that’s not a website, and if it was I don’t think you live in Canada.

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I generally avoid Costco like a literal plague but I can endure it for vaccination. Kaiser is still convinced I owe them money so the last thing I want to do is interact with them again and give them another shot at me. I’m still trying to get my credit scores fixed.; the state of California Department of Public Health ‘official’ sign-up website.


The italic part might be helpful. But the bold part crosses the line into being a jerk. This is MPTIMS, not the pit. Please play nice, and don’t rant about each other, even if there are some rants about states and such in the posts you are replying to.

I went on to the CVS website first thing this morning, because I was curious if they were keeping up with the lowered age requirement starting today. They are! The age checklist on their website has now been reduced to only two options.

And in the case of the L.A. area, I saw several CVS’s in Riverside, San Bernardino, etc. that had appointments. Or at least they did at 5 a.m. this morning.

Yeah, I managed to sign up last night through the MyTurn site last night and get an appointment at a local mass vac site first thing this morning, No problem getting through although by the time I left they were already filling up the lot, so I’m glad I got there early.


This morning I was able to make an appointment through for this Saturday. I have to go all the way to downtown Sacramento to get my shot, but I am pleased I was able to get an appointment so soon. Maybe I could have found something more local if I’d checked CVS, etc. as well, but I kind of figured I should snap up the first appointment I could get.

Congrats, glad you found the jab successfully!


I’m glad to hear it. I got my first one at a mass site and it was remarkably efficient. My second one is on Monday at a CVS. TEAM PFIZER.

The MyTurn site lists no free slots near me. Guess I’ll keep trying.

What I’m annoyed with though is the CDC site. It looks promising, showing a ton of places that say doses are “in stock”. But every one of them, if I click through to the actual scheduling page, shows no appointments. I have no idea where the “in stock” indicator comes from, but it’s completely useless.

I did have a laugh at this:

Durp, gotta get vaccindated against codid ninedeen…

Stock is different than the ability to administer that stock.

You could have a million doses in the warehouse next to you but that does not matter when you can only administer 250 shots per day (I use 250 because I just heard a report of a new site opening in Chicago that can do 250/day).

250 seems low to me but if one person can administer one shot every three minutes that is only 160 shots in eight hours (with no breaks for anything). With breaks and futzing around and whatnot it may well be five minutes per patient.

I live in Chicago. At 250/hour it would take over four years to vaccinate everyone if you ran it 24/7/365. Of course they are a lot faster than that with multiple sites but you can get a sense of how it can take weeks or months to vaccinate a large population.

I guess. I was assuming “stock” was equivalent to “appointments available”, which isn’t necessarily the same thing as you note, but on the other hand I don’t actually care if they have a million doses in a warehouse. The list should tell me which sites have free appointments.

Levi Stadium is near me. Supposedly they’re doing 15,000/day. Not too shabby, but still a drop in the bucket overall.

It isnt easy. Keep at it.

Woot. Managed to schedule it for 4/20 (nice). Going straight through to the Santa Clara public health site opened up a bunch of slots. MyTurn and the CDC still claimed nothing. Oh well, I’ll take it.

For anyone that cares, last week my wife got me scheduled for a Johnson vax for today at Rite Aid. When the JJ ban came down, I immediately got a shot appointment Monday at a local health network 75 miles away, assuming the Rite Aid deal would be cancelled.

Got a text from Rite Aid they were replacing my shot with Moderna, so I cancelled my Monday shot so someone else could get that shot. Then, 30 minutes later I got a VM from Rite Aid asking me to call them back to discuss “options”. My first reaction was oh shit why did I cancel Monday?

I called back and they just wanted to confirm I knew I was getting the Moderna shot instead of JJ!

Meanwhile Mrs. Stucco has been rolling in pain for 2 days as the side effects of the second shot of the vaccine has kicked in.

To the OP.
Thank you for standing by.
I’m high risk so there was a vac for me.
I appreciate you not lying and getting upfront in the line.

If you’re healthy just keep waiting. You’re time will come.
We’ll both live.

It’s interesting how different it is in different places. In Southern California we are just beginning the second day of vaccines being available to everyone over 16 and it is trivially easy to get one as early as later today or tomorrow through multiple outlets. All of the over the top worrying was asinine in retrospect and the system is working beautifully. I hope that this is a more a result of abundant supply rather than younger folks shunning the vaccine.