Get off my dick about not getting a vaccine yet (not anti-VAXX)

Welcome to the club! Good on ya for beating anxiety.

We’ve got a QZ thread on the second shot. I’m on my phone or else I’d cite it.

Experience varies from nothing to a couple days felling ill but not being ill. Nothing to truly fear. The anxiety can be beaten as you’ve just proven to yourself.

Now that you say this, it occurs to me to wonder whether the two shots are identical.

For Pfizer and Moderna at least the two shots are the same, dosage amount and everything.

Thanks. Mild curiosity satisfied.

Good post!

Quoting myself for context:

@BigT - I’m back to my desktop. Try these:

Honestly, the most anxiety I felt was right before the phone call to set up the appointment. But I just waited it out a bit until it subsided. The issue on the day was just that, for the first time, it felt hard to breathe a mask, suggesting I was hyperventilating a bit. Like I said, the experience was more disorienting. I expect it to be less so next time, now that I know what to expect.

Good for you for pushing through. I am trying to coax one of my sisters into getting a shot. She finally opened up to me some more today and I am pretty sure that it’s more anxiety than stubbornness. Once I realized that, I had a much easier time getting through.

We may have turned the corner on my last holdout sister. It was a combination of tough love from my stepmom (her mom) who said that she can’t come to her house if she’s unvaxxed, explaining the science from her nerdy brother (me) and loving patience from our other sister. I am really happy.

Hooray! 1 down, 25 million 24,999,999 more to go. :slight_smile:

Congratulations, that is honestly very encouraging :slight_smile: . There was in article in the WaPo today about some vaccine-adverse people that have been converted through a variety of messages. Some progress is slowly being made.

But you head the man…

Get busy hajario :smile:!

This is really encouraging to hear; thanks for sharing!

Plus my brother in law and niece (who is 18 today). So actually 24,999,997!

Wow! You’re on a roll! You should bottle that and sell it. Just don’t call it a vaccine against anti-vaxxing. :wink:

Stupid Question: Couldn’t they alter the delivary system? Maybe a pill or patch, for those averse to All Things Needles?

My understanding is that these particular vaccines are designed to be administered into a muscle. I suspect that pills or patches won’t deliver it where it needs to go.

As per this NY Times article:

Interesting. My upper thigh has no sensation at all. Been that way for years. Don’t know why.

Well, I got a clue. I ski, and the upper thigh is a HUGE part of what I do. Always has been. Maybe it just done wore out., tingley-wise.

They’re being worked on. From here:


I was going to cite a very similar article in today’s WJS.

The next generation of Covid-19 vaccines in development could come as a pill or a nasal spray and be easier to store and transport than the current handful of shots that form the backbone of the world-wide vaccination effort.

There are 277 Covid-19 vaccines in development globally, of which 93 have entered human testing, according to the World Health Organization. Most of the vaccines in clinical testing are injected, but there are two oral formulations and seven nasal-spray formulations.

Another challenge that companies developing next-generation Covid-19 vaccines may face: finding enough people willing to receive unproven vaccines or placebos in clinical trials at a time when they can also get one of the authorized shots that has already been proven effective. An Altimmune spokeswoman said it is getting more challenging to find subjects, but the nasal-spray formulation has enough appeal to continue to draw volunteers.

I just got off the phone with my sister. She and her husband are getting the J&J in an hour. We just got off the phone.

My niece turned 18 yesterday. She has wanted the Pfizer for months but her mom wouldn’t let her. The first thing that she did on the morning of her birthday was go to CVS and get a Pfizer jab. I am so proud of her.