Get off my dick about not getting a vaccine yet (not anti-VAXX)

I am proud of her too!

Good for her! It’s nice when an 18 year old takes control of their life.

Were the parents who wouldn’t let her get Pfizer the same as the ones who got J&J, or is that a different branch of the family? Wondering why her parents wouldn’t let her get jabbed.

It’s the same parents. They only changed their mind for certain a couple of days ago. Niece made the appointment before that and she made plans to go with one of her friends.

That niece is strong willed as hell and has the same temperament as her mom. It’s so damn amusing. She is going to blossom so much when she goes away for school.

Pfizer got approval for 12 - 16 year olds a couple of days ago and they’re already taking appointments at my local hospital. My 13 year old twin nieces are already signed up. They are the last two in my immediate family.

So they finally got off her dick?


(Sorry, I’m still amused that a thread would have such an over-the-top metaphor in the title…)

Yeah , whatever happened the good old days of just eating a loaded sugar cube?

The US ended those “good old days” of oral polio vaccine on sugar cubes cause it contained a bit of virus that was only weakened and therefore carried some risk of reintroducing polio to the country which was polio free. Oral polio vaccine isn’t legal in US anymore.

I got email from my hospital last night. I think they are starting to vaccinate 12 year old today.

They are also advertising available appointments and walk-ins, both with your choice of vaccine for adults.

That wasn’t a vaccine.

So Bipp, did you ever manage to get vaxxed? I recall much angst about your Governor’s diligent efforts to ensure almost nobody in-state had access to the vaccine.

Yes, I did, in spite of him. Took a great deal of effort, time and stubborn determination to overcome the obstacles but it I did it. Got good enough with the tech-centric process that ended up being able to help 3 or 4 other friends and family members. Should not have been that hard.

Thanks for asking. Looking forward to getting my 13 yo housemate vaxxed any day now.

Yaay!! For a critter as determined as yourself I knew the Governor’s best efforts would be a speed bump on the road to success.

FWIW, I prefer this avatar over the other one. Don’t know what others think, but here’s one up-vote. :slight_smile:

Another upvote for pinch-faced brow furrowed judgy young lady. I love that pic.


She’s pre-teen, but you can feel the steely heart and indomitable determination pouring out of those eyes.

You got that right! Still do.

There are still a lot of vaccine hesitant people out there who are simply scared of the vaccine and potential long term effects. An old friend of mine contacted me last night looking for advice and really wanted to be talked into it. I think that I helped.

Check your PMs.

I got my second shot last week (Moderna). Sore shoulder and a little fatigued the next day. No biggie.

Obviously YMMV.

Now I have to wait one more week for full effect (I know I am pretty well protected already). Looking forward to it.

Two weeks per CDC, but congrats!