Get off your cross, Giraffe

So as to not hijack this thread, I’m responding to Giraffe’s [post=7475239]whiny garbage[/post] here. (See [post=7357118]this post[/post] for the complete background.)

Here’s the relevant bits from various threads, in chronological order:

That is complete bullshit. Your words are right there! You clearly said that you would be opposed to subdividing the board by topic outside of the Cafe.

Holy shit, are you kidding me? I included above the multiple instances from the original thread where I was clearly advocating MPSIMS, not CS. Your response, also included, clearly shows you didn’t want to use MPSIMS because you didn’t want forums other than the Cafe subdivided by topic.

So after you said no to MPSIMS, I resorted to my trump card: the existing policy already included sports as being one of the topics that falls under the CS umbrella. No mods were moving any sports threads there, despite this policy. So if putting sports threads in MPSIMS is unacceptable at the very least you could enforce your own fucking policy.

This whining bullshit is what prompted this pitting.

What, I’m supposed to be oh so grateful that a mod bothered to respond to a question about the board in ATMB? And not even an official response; no, it was clearly marked as “personal opinion” and not an official response. I still haven’t received any official response on the MPSIMS idea.

Get off your fucking cross and stop your whining that I’m not so super grateful to you for deigning to grace me with a response in a fucking ATMB thread. Isn’t that the forum where the mods and members are supposed to discuss the board? Isn’t mod feedback in ATMB the norm?

Ellis, you came into a completely unrelated thread and asked TVeblen and I to comment on your ATMB post. I did so, emphasizing that I wasn’t giving an official staff position but merely my own thoughts about forum organization. My opinion was that we should not create a new sports-only forum, but beyond that I didn’t really have a good answer for where to put sports threads. In your next post, you say you thought it would be more consistent with current policy to put them in CS, and I said I’d try to follow that from now on.

So yeah, I found it a little irritating that you’re now using that post as an example of mods using contradictory logic whenever it suits our purpose, after you cherry-picked a few sentences from it to misrepresent my position. I don’t expect you to be grateful for my input, but don’t expect me to be pleased when I try to help and you’re an asshole about it.

Could there be a forum specifically for people who want to bitch about every possible mod action (or non-mod action by mods, as the case may be) as if it were the end of the world? Jesus.

Good suggestion. Seconded.

Let’s call it CATMB, Complain About This Message Board. The rules will be just like the Pit, only it will only be the “complaints and other discussion regarding administration of the SDMB” portion of the Pit, and those threads will be disallowed from the actual Pit. Then I will never have to read another one ever again. Who’s with me?

This isn’t a thread about mod action or non-action.

It’s about Giraffe whining like a puppy with a thorn in his paw after I quoted his words almost verbatim.

If this thread were about placement of sports threads, history shows that no mod would bother to reply unless you went begging for it in another thread, and then they would be sure to qualify any response with “this isn’t an official response.”

I could rant about that issue all day long, but in here I’m just bitching about Giraffe’s martyrdom.

The only whining I saw was your’s, Ellis Dee.

Gee, that sounds like “non-mod action by a mod”.

Incidently, Giraffe’s cross is actually a symbol of the antichrist. Something like this.

Heh, yes it sure does. I misread non-mod action by mod as non-action by mod. My bad.

It would be nice if there were a forum devoted to bitching about the mods. I understand the problem with doing it in the pit, since space is in such short supply on the front page.

It’s not the quoting he’s pissed about, it’s your interpretation. First you act like he’s speaking officially, when he was specifically just offering up his personal opinion. Then you interpret it as him saying MPSIMS was the wrong forum, when he said something completely different.

Welcome to it!

Looks like Ellis Dee fell off the meds again.

On a scale of 0-10, I think I would give this one about a minus 5, both on overall importance and on logic.

The logistical problems involved in actually crucifying a giraffe could make for a somewhat interesting GQ thread, however.

It would require a 5-pointed star of some sort. I’m envisioning something like an old cover of National Lampoon, back in the late 60’s.

But it does sound like Ellis Dee has been playing with his namesake again.

I guess I just didn’t understand this bit, then:

My interpretation was that CS was the only topical forum. Could you explain it better for me?

And this part:

Seems to me that while he did indeed say “I’m not sure what the best forum for sports would be”, he led with “I’m against subdividing the forums by topic outside of Cafe Society.”

Do you disagree that he said he was against subdividing by topic outside of CS?

Some of you might think that his “I’m not sure what forum would be best for sports” demonstrates the implied possibility that MPSIMS or IMHO might do as well.

But after having gotten no official word from any mod about this in three different threads, do you really think the mods are willing to put sports in a single forum? Especially one outside of CS?

If you do, then you’re dreaming. If they decided that sports threads did belong in MPSIMS, I guarantee you they wouldn’t move any of them there, citing “Cafe Society is our only topical forum” as the reason.

Do you understand why I think he’s a wanker for being pissed? His attitude reflects that since I should be grateful that he bothered to give me a reply at all, how dare I use his words against him.

My attitude is the mods should respond to the users in ATMB without having to be begged, and should have the common courtesy to offer an official reply regarding how the board is run. No official reply has ever been given.

Do you think my posts in that ATMB thread were deserving of an official response?

If not, why not?

If so, why wasn’t one offered?

Dammit, I was going to say this. (Well, something like.)

But this definitely sounds like Ellis Dee III being naughty*.

  • A bad acid trip.

I can’t see what merits this thread has.

That is all.

No, that’s the Cross of St. Peter.