Get out of Denver, baby, go! Go!

It’s almost time. A little more packing in the morning; the cleaners come in the afternoon; Thursday I load up the U-Haul.

Then it’s off to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - my Grand Adventure.

I’ve got some trepidation, some worrying if I’m doing the right thing, but dadgumit!, I’m excited and happy and looking forward to the challenge. I’m looking forward to learning a new language, getting involved in new politics, and - believe it or not - looking forward to frantically searching for a job. :slight_smile: When I’m in a home drooling on my shirt in 30 years, I won’t have to wonder “what if”. I’ll know.

I’m thrilled, delighted, fervid, stoked, enthusiastic, and psyched! Look out, Canada, here comes Frank!

Well if you make it to Loveland Pass in under less than half an hour, expect heavy precipitation. And if you keep driving at 120 through the rain, you will wake up staring at a Colorado State Policeman Trooper Cat. :smiley:

SSG Schwartz

“Cause you look just like a Commie
And you just might be a member, baby
Get outta Denver, baby, Get outta Denver, baby!”

Thanks for the warning. I have alerted the border.

Hah! They can’t stop me! I have a set of long underwear with a maple leaf sewn over the heart!

(A goodbye gift from work.)

Dammit! How did you know about the secret underwear?

A royal commission will be launched, mark my words!

Go with God, Frank, us Denverites hardly knew ye

Good luck and godspeed, Frank.

Good luck, Frank! What an exciting adventure! I hope you find what you’re looking for.

Repeat after me:

“So, your havin’ fun, eh?”

“I’ll have a butter tart”

“I’ll have a double-double”

“We sat on the Chesterfield, eating our all-dressed pizza–pass me a serviette”

I’ll be OK with words, I think, as long as they were extant in the 70’s. (And I was then, I think, the only person in the civlized universe who would use “y’all” and “eh” in the same sentence.) Otherwise, I’ll just have to pick them up. It’s the spelling that’s going to kick my ass. I recently spelled checking both ways in an inquiry about opening a chequing account.

Just be prepared for the questions from the Canadian border guard:

Anything to declare?
Any firearms?
Favourite sport? [Note the only acceptable answer is “hockey.”]


Seriously, have a safe trip and keep us posted as to how you’re settling in.

Well now. Congrats and the best of luck to you! Denver doesn’t yet know what’s it’s going to miss.

I’ll admit to a little soupçon of jealousy; I want to go home.

But if they can’t have me…they’re getting the next best thing! :wink:

What about poutine?


That’s going to be interesting in a U-Haul. :smiley:

Have a great adventure, Frank. Certainly understand the excitement.

Have a safe trip. Maybe we’ll come up and see you.

So, one nasty winter and you run off to Canada - lightweight.

Take along some pictures of the Avalanche skating around with the Stanley Cup - I don’t think Canadians remember what it looks like.

What the hell is an all-dressed pizza?

Curling - it’s getting really popular since the last Olympics!
Canada’s version of bowling!

Visiting Montreal, I always panic no matter what they ask.

Where do you live?

Um, ah, Vermont, umm, nameoftown.

even though I try to rehearse first. :smack:

May things go more smoothly for you in your new adventure!