Get the SDMB a Webby!!!

The Webby awards are awarded to the best sites on the net.

I think the Straight Dope Message Board deserves an honor. Therefore, I invite all of y’all to vote for it as a write-in at the People’s Voice Webby Awards. Just click here, sign up, and vote!

I suggest doing this in the “Community” Catergory.

Remember, the folks don’t calibrate the results by hand, so the URLs of all who vote must be identical. I used “

It’s about time the SDMB got the recognition it so rightly deserves!


I submitted my vote!


Sure enough!

Done and done.


Is there any way to check how many votes we got?


What catagory did everyone vote in?

Voted. So far just voted in community and commerce.

Went to the Webbys last year and met Peter Pan. Huge fun even though the site I was there rooting for didn’t win. Up for a webby again this year though!


While the webby would be a nice thing. Do we need to open the door to how many thousands more people
it would attract?

Exactly my thoughts, Reeder.

I’m with Reeder and ** racinchikki**.

As am I. I’ve seen at least one other message board ruined by a huge influx sf new people.

As things are, a wave of popularity would be more a curse than a blessing. Let’s not vote for the SDMB.