The Dopeys TM

Annual awards to outstanding SDMB’ers and their posts. If we hurry, perhaps we can present the winners on April Fool’s Day. 2004?

But first, the categories: let’s brainstorm


Most posts on the SDMB by any poster in the past 12 months, overall and by forum

Thread with the highest non-infinite view to reply ratio

Thread with the highest reply to view ratio (minimum 100 views?)

Poster starting new threads, overall and by forum

Thread with the most replies, overall and by forum

Poster starting the most new threads yielding zero replies.

Post with the most replies/views

Poster of the year

Most Valuable Poster

Most beloved mod

Most beloved admin

Most popular poster

Most eloquent poster

Best respected poster

Most pit-worthy non-Pit post

Okay, enough of that. If this really takes off, we will need to form a committee (volunteers please) that will wade through the categories and select a manageable quantity of the best of the best.

Then, a poll for nominees for each subjective category and finally a poll to determine the winners.

Let’s play nice, please, and for the first step, please submit your suggestions for categories.

I believe this has been proposed in the past. I’d look up the links but I’m way too lazy. Suffice it to say that while an interesting idea, the cons seem to far outwiegh the pros.

Sorry about the wet blanket approach, but I agree with Celtic Cowboy. With thread ideas such as this one, the road leads only to hurt feelings and general nastiness all over. Not a good concept, I’m afraid. :frowning: