Get Yer Therapy Here!

Well, kinda. I’ve now gotten the royal stamp of approval to start a Doper version of an online support/therapy group (for lack of anything better to call it) concerning anyone (that wants to participate that is) who is effected by some sort of mental illness or problem, as originally discussed here.

The goal of this thread is to…

[li]Let people know this was approved by good ol’ Skip. :slight_smile: Gracias sir.[/li][li]Let people know all (or as much as there is so far) about it and what to do.[/li][li]Decide on what we need to do to create the group in the first place. :stuck_out_tongue: [/li][li]Come up with some kick ass name for it. :D[/li][/ol]
Once it’s up and running, I’ll put the URL in my sig to alert others that might wish to participate, if that’s copacetic with y’all. And now, if I’ve left anything out, please don’t hesitate to add it on. I’ll also leave a link in the other thread to over here.

Again, thanks for everyone’s interest. I can’t wait. Comments/suggestions/biting my head off are all (mostly :wink: ) welcome. Bring it on. So without further ado, let’s do it.


Well, first thing first is we need to decide what format we want our website to be. Do we want a forum or a series of journal/blogs, or maybe both? How much moderation do we want in our forums, and what will we do about the inevitable jerks and people who give bad advice just to get a rise from people?

Once we work out some of those issues, then we can start the logistics of getting a site, a domain name, and some bandwith.

As for the name, I volunteer “Cecil’s Nut House” ^^ I can come up with better later probably.

It may end up just being me and you Auto. :stuck_out_tongue: As far as where/how to set-up, the only thing I have experience with is Yahoo! Groups. That seemed to work really well. If not, I suppose a blog would also do the trick, like on livejournal. What say our limited masses so far?

Hmmm… moderation for assholes? I’m sure we can find someway to deal with that. We just need some big, burly members who have no problem butting heads together and we’ll be fine. Wonder what Giraffe is doing in his spare time? :wink:

I guess that covers it for now, except for my submission of names. I recommend “Itty Bitty Therapy Committee” for an ode to the best decade evah, the 70s of course. :smiley:

I am almost certain that someone started an Live Journal a while back just for this reason. It was years ago so it may have gone inactive long ago but someone will be along who knows where it is.

Good luck.

I’ve mentioned in the past that I’m a junior facilitator at a self-help group for people with anxiety disorders that meets weekly here in Calgary, and I would be willing to participate in an online self-help group as well.

haj, I believe that was Siege and I don’t think it’s still active. But thanks for the encouraging words… we’ll take all 'em we can get. :slight_smile:

And featherlou, that’s awesome, all the way around. So far, it looks like there’ll at least be three of us. Maybe we need to offer something stronger than cookies and milk?

ooh ooh cookies and milk!

nah, I don’t like milk. But therapy, I think you’re onto something. My school has group sessions several times a week but it’s quite a drive (and, if you’ve seen this thread, you’ll see how much I loathe Tampa and wouldn’t want to go there anyway). Plus the times are all wrong- meant for the kids living in dorms or at home nearby, who don’t have to work full time (or sometimes at all), not us working stiffs.

But I digress. Personally I’d prefer a message board set up like this, as opposed to a Livejournal or something. I could do a blog on my own, but a nice message board like this will ensure that random strangers on the Internet are laughing at me.

How long have you felt this way?

Well, since you don’t like milk, we can staff the place with red roses. What say you? Personally, I prefer that orange-y pink color, but we’ll make whatever concessions necessary to keep our members happy. :slight_smile: As I said above, I’ve done the Yahoo! think and I liked it a lot. Plus, it seemed to me, that it had a similar set-up as this, so maybe it wouldn’t be as much of a stretch. Will everyone (and anyone) chime in on preferences please? It’s all about location, location, location, after all.

Oh and BG, play nice with us. Our psyches our fragile you know. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, I’m confused.

Is this going to be part of the SDMB?

If so, why do we need a website?
If not, why do we need Skip’s approval?

I’m sure that puts all of us in the same leaky boat. :wink:

Only in a tangential sense, kinda of like because sorta since this is where it all would have started and most, I assume, people would be from here.

To speak more freely, I suppose. Plus a little shielding to limit members to those who really only want to post there. I guess whoever likes can read though.

Ah, just one part ‘cover our ass’ and another due to us mainly recruiting on the boards for Doper who would like to participate.

Does that make more sense? If anyone else can come in with more, or better reasons, please feel free to do so. :slight_smile:

Aren’t you suppposed to ask me about my dreams? :smiley:

Ooo ooo…therapy? Can I join and did I hear something about milk and cookies? Online, anonymous group therapy sounds great! I’m a substance abuse/mental health therapist and I sure could use a little help. You don’t have to be crazy to do my job, but it sure helps.

Another suggestion for online group, what about IM?

I’m interested, as I said in the other post. I don’t know anything about setting up stuff like this, but tell me where to go and as long as I can access it without leaving my house, I’m there. :wink:

Currently here:

But working on things.
Count me in.

faithfool, Siege’s group is still active but only gets an occasional post. Your presence there may cheer up a few people, and let them know that we’re still out here hoping the best even if we don’t have the words we would like to say.

I’m willing to help, if you have some specific needs to address. Anything at all.


PS I’m working on a project for you. Do you prefer landscapes, seascapes, or starscapes?

Thanks for starting this - I’d like to participate.

Have we made any progress in getting this started? It sounds like a really good idea.

One suggestion: open up the membership criteria to include caretakers of people with mental illnesses. Having been such a caretaker before, I know how valuable it would have been for me to see things from the other side.

I probably don’t technically qualify to join the group, but I’m good at sympathy and, for those who don’t care for milk, cookies, or roses, I can offer the services of cute therapy rats.

faithfool, Lucas hasn’t forgotten you. Plan on an email from him in the next day or so. :smiley: