Get your own Virtual Boyfriend!

Okay, I was on another board and they brought up a website called which has a game on it that is called Flash Boyfriend. I decided I would try it. I was laughing so hard because of the lame lines they used in it. But anyway, the guy I picked up on is kinda hot. So what that he is animated. Rawrrr. :crack of whip: This is the only way that I can get a boyfriend (sad, I know), but it is so fun, I just thought I would share it.

Oh, that is just the COOLEST…thanks for helping me fill countless hours of boredom…ROCK ON :slight_smile:

Oh, you’re very welcome.

This is not good that I’ve killed my own thread. :frowning:

I doubt this very seriously

Well, hell, I’m bored and single. Maybe I can score with that Steph lass.

I thought this was going to be some sort of virtual boyfriend auction. I’ve been practicing my strut for days just for this. Damn.

Oh, SD, you know how to make a girl feel really special. :mwah: :slight_smile:

Do you know what, lno, a lot of people on the other message board want her or Felix. I wouldn’t mind Felix at all except he is one slippery character. I guess no one can be perfect.

Munch, you can strut around me any time you want to. :wink:

Sweet. I’d start walking, but DAMN Arizona is far away.

Unfortunately, I’ve recently discovered that my strut closely resembles that of Mick Jagger, in that I look like a chicken when I do so.

Gee, Munch, I wouldn’t expect you to walk all the way here. I’m sure you could find some sort of transportation to get here. Then you could strut for me. :wink: Where do you live, anyway?

Should I be getting jealous here?


Superdude, you need to go back to flirting with Chicago waitresses.

dlgirl, I’m all the way in Indianapolis. Lately, it seems I’ve been doing a great job of meeting really great people in far away places. Just this weekend I met someone from Cleveland.

Actually, Superdude, I think it would be beneficial for all of us (and by “us”, I of course mean “me”) if you were to get back to work on inventing that transporter.

Munch, you’re in Indy? Cool. Louisville, KY here. But I’m closer!

Closer geographically, Superdude. Once you cross the border into Kentucky, you have to remember to set your watch back about 38 years.

True. But geographically speaking, I’m closer. Nah nah boo boo!

triumphantly strutting back from

Sorry, SD, but it appears that Indy is 18 miles closer to Chandler, AZ as the car drives then Louisville, KY is. Condolences on the copious amount of tears that have just welled up in your eyes!

Yahoo for me!

Maybe so, Munch, but I know how to drive like a Kentuckian. And, being a Hoosier, you’d never make it past the Texas Armed Pickup Truck Patrol™. Advantage, Superdude!

Oh, but here’s where you’re mistaken, my caped friend. I was born in Omaha, NE, and lived most of my life in Kansas. So as a native Jayhawk, I have no observance of these things which you call “speed limits” and “laws of nature” and “common sense”. Plus, I have a bed to sleep in in KC, so I’ll save hotel fare to take dlgirl out for a nice night on the town.

Advantage, Munch.

Maybe so, Munch, but I was conceived in Oklahoma, near the Texas border. So close, in fact, that we would have to travel to Tejas in order to go to the grocery store. That, my dear Munch is closer that your pissant little burg in Kansas. And accomodations are no problem, as I have already promised to whisk our fair dlgirl away to a secret location, known only to her and myself. Advantage, Superdude!

Superdude, I’m sorry to inform you that your Fortress of Solidude wasn’t quite up to code in the Arctic Circle, so it has been moved piecemeal to Gary, Indiana.

That’s right, not even Newark wanted it.