Getting a weird "refresh" popup on SDMB

So, at random intervals, when reading threads here, the screens is darkened and a popup pops up. It reads “You were logged out” and there is a refresh button.

If I hit the refresh button I am taken to a very weird version of the front page, with no way to log in.

If instead I use the nuke anything extension in Firefox and dispel the “screen darkener” and also the popup, then I seem to still be logged in and can read the rest of the thread. However, if I switch to or open a new thread, the popup happens again. Also, I cannot logout. As in there is no logout option in the menu.

So, I restart Firefox in safe mode and then I can see the normal front page, where I can then log out and log back in. It is freaking stupid.

After searching on Google, it seems that other people have had this problem with Discourse. But there were no solutions.

So, I am asking here in case anyone has a livable solution for it. Thanks.

You probably have, but if it were me I’d be running Malwarebytes.

Firefox doesn’t always play well with Discourse. Try disabling Enhanced Tracking Protection or at least whitelisting your SDMB cookies.

You’ll have to find instructions for doing that online. I kicked FF to the curb a couple of years ago.

I moved this to “site feedback” because that’s where we are putting threads about the mechanics of posting, as distinct from the rules for posting, which remain in ATMB.

Hopefully you will get some good answers. Fwiw, I use Chrome, Edge, and Safari on PCs and haven’t seen this issue. Maybe a different browser will solve your problems?

@GreysonCarlisle Thank you. I have turned off enhanced tracking protection for this site in Firefox. Hopefully that will change this behavior.

@susan Thanks for the suggestion but I do not use Malwarebytes anymore since they changed the free version for the worse. I use Windows Defender which supposedly scans for malware but I have not found a really good, free malware scanner replacement yet.

Any luck?


It is odd. I enacted your two suggestions. And up until yesterday, it seemed to have worked. But then yesterday the problem started again. That was the longest I have gone without it happening.

I think some Firefox add-on I am using is triggering it but it would take forever to find out which one, as it is days to weeks between occurrences.

Thanks for asking.

Drat! I was really hoping that would have worked for you. Here’s hoping that the evil add-on will get an update soon that fixes it. Best of luck!