Getting an Oregon driver's license and registration.

Well, this is just gangs of fun for someone moving here. They require all of the following: new emissions test (don’t show up without it), old DL, registration & plates, proof of insurance, proof of SSN (!), proof of place of birth (!!), proof of address in Oregon, and two photo IDs. I also get to take a written driving test for the first time in 45 years. What a pain in the arse.

I registered my car here (I live in Tigard, went to the Beaverton DMV) and got my Oregon license in February '07. I didn’t have to surrender my old plates, and I don’t recall having to show my SSN or proof of a birthplace. It’s possible that I took my SS card with me and I just don’t remember, but I’m sure I’d remember if I’d had to dig up my birth certificate (or something).

Also, the only photo ID I had was my Washington license, but I was able to substitute for the second one with other stuff - like a copy of my apartment lease and a credit card (I think). I do remember I found out I could do this by digging a bit deeper in the Oregon DMV web site.

As for the test, I spent about ten minutes going over the state’s manual/pamphlet thingie before I took it, and passed with flying colors. I wouldn’t worry about that.

I would definitely ask them about the plates. That sounds really odd. What’re supposed to do, drive there without plates on your car? Or take them off in the parking lot?

Perhaps I misread on the plates. Proof of SSN seems weird to me, but it appears on my retired military ID and is required now, along with something like a passport to prove birthplace. Why that matters is beyond me, but it smacks of federal oversight of some sort.

After having my license suspended (unpaid fines, escalated do to my own damn fault) for approx 5 years, I finally got everything paid off in WA a few years ago, where it occurred.

I had to take the driving test and written test but at least my state ID card covered the rest.

I live in Tigard also, but I use the DMV office in Sherwood. They’re usually quick, very nice, and there is a DEQ testing station right down the road.

(GESancMan - I’m in the Fanno Creek/Hall/Bonita area. I love Tigard!)

Chefguy, I must have missed it, but did you end up with that house in Sellwood? We will have to have a party in P-town sometime to welcome you!

OMG I’d almost forgotten about the trauma of all this from when I moved here in '05. I even FAILED the written test once before passing!! And I’m good at taking tests!

I’m right on the Beaverton border (Scholls Ferry), so the Beaverton DMV is closer for me. Both times I’ve had to have my truck tested, though, I went to Sherwood.

Chefguy, it’s a bit off the beaten path, but I would recommend the Sherwood office for your emissions test. Both times I’ve gone I’ve been in and out within ten minutes. 'Course, I’ve not been to any of the other locations, so for all I know they’re all like that.

Actually, I just looked at the list of DEQ locations, and it looks like the two closest to Sellwood are Clackamas and Sherwood. I’d be willing to bet a bundle that the Clackamas location will be a lot more crowded.

We got the two emissions tests (car and RV) in Clackamas, which was painless. Drove up to the DMV on SE Powell and got turned away because we didn’t have proof of address. Sigh.

YES! We are living in our bungalow in Sellwood and are lovin’ it. Two blocks from all the businesses on 13th, lots of great walks, etc. Just finished getting the roof shingles and some rot replaced, and are waiting for the deck dude to figure out how get a permit to build us one. What a great location.

When I moved to Chicago I had to get a replacement Social Security card so that I could get an Illinois license … so I could register my car in Illinois, so I could get the Chicago city sticker, so I could park my car on the damn street in front of my apartment. I think the only items on your list I didn’t need were the plates and registration (car was purchased new in another state) and the proof of place of birth. I presume to prove citizenship? IL doesn’t seem to fuss over such things.

Remember all this paperwork provides jobs to the good people of Oregon. You can only have so many gas stations :slight_smile:

I’m really not liking this. My license expires in 3 weeks (stoopid freakin birthdays grumble) and I have to get it renewed. I hope I can still go to the Gresham DMV to do it, they have a huge facility and not a long wait time.

Motherfu*****! I’m $724 poorer, but now have two registered vehicles, new registrations and titles and drivers’ licenses. At least registering to vote was free. . .


Why in the world was it so expensive? I think the whole deal for me was about $200, including the emissions test. Only one person and vehicle, but that’s still less than a third as much. Was it the RV?

Two photo IDs? Unless you’re in the military or you travel out of the country, why would you have any photo ID besides your driver’s license?

$360 for RV, hundred and something for the car, $120 for two licenses, $10 to take the test, $42 for the DEQ, some other fees I’ve now forgotten, but the total is correct.

Beats me, but they wanted to see a passport and a state license/ID card, plus proof of SSN. I guess it’s all part of the homeland security requirements.

When I got my MN license (moved from WI), they made me write my full name on the application. Problem was, my WI license didn’t have my middle name on it, and the instructions didn’t make it clear that you can apparently leave the middle name part blank. So I went up to the counter and the guy asked me, “Can you prove that Michelle is your middle name?” Huh? Like fun I can.

I’d read the requirements and brought all the required paperwork along, but the whole middle name thing threw me for a loop - I had to drive all the way across town, again, to get my passport so I could prove that my middle name was what I said it was, even though I never use the damn thing. Useless!