Getting quicktime to work in Firefox

I seem to have problems with opening quicktime files and such in Firefox. Is there a plug in somewhere I can download? I have Quicktime itself, but that still doesn’t seem to work right.

What problem, specifically, are you having? Do you just get a blank page? Is it causing Firefox to stop responding? Are you getting any error messages? We need more details about exactly how it’s failing.

I gave up on Quicktime in Firefox a long time past. But I haven’t tried it in more recent versions. It either never worked, or caused catastrophic hangs.

Haven’t had much success myself, normally I just fish the URL out of the source and download it. Which is a better way anyway, IMO.

I use Media Player Classic and QuicktimeAlternative, and for the most part this setup works fine.

i’m having no problems with the latest quicktime plugin and firefox 1.0.5

Never had a problem with it but like MHENDO, prefer to use RealAlternative and QuickTimeAlternative.