Getting some of my own back!!

Some years ago I had really crappy service from a Christchurch doctor simply because he’d heard how I’d made a complaint about one of his peers.I was a bit of a drifter on a sickness benefit in those days and if I had trouble with a doctor (which happened more often than not) I used to just pack up my stuff and move on,running away rather than dealing with it.Well now and here I am back again and small wonder,but I’m having all the same problems with all the same people,the only difference is that although their lives haven’t changed much,my life certainly has,in that I’m no longer on sickness but now on the Invalids benefit.Also my father died in 2000 and although he left me nothing,my 2 older brothers got about $150,000 between them and 1 talked the other into giving me something and I got $40,000.I bought a vespa scooter,packed up my stuff and moved to Invercargill,where I bought a1930’s 2 bdrm bungalow on a ‘kiwi 1/4 acre’ for $19,000,gave it a major renovation and left it a 3 bdrm house some 9 months later,with only what I’d spent on it.I then bought another Invercargill house,a 3brm turn of the century villa for $23,000 which I sold in late 2002, again, only just getting what I spent on it back.Then in early 2003 I moved to Wanganui where I bought a 2 bdrm bungalow with a double sleepout also for $23,000,then in 2004 I bought a 2 bdrm ex-state house in Taumarunui for $25,000 and in 2005 a 2 bdrm ex-forestry house in Tokoroa for $32,500 which I sold in 2006 doubling my money and walked out with $72,000 in my hand.
So over 7 years I’d lived on both islands (North and South) in 4 different places,2 of them cities and 2 towns for less than $40,000.
In 2006 my mother died leaving me a larger sum of money and I moved back to Invercargill where I bought house number 6 for $196,000 cash,which I sold just last year and only just got what I originally paid for it,partialling due to my over-capitalising,but more to do with the sudden property slump and of course,the recession.I’m pretty philosophical about it really,because the fact is that if I hadn’t spent what I did on it,it wouldn’t have been worth what I got for it.
I bought my current place in Christchurch on Jan 23rd this year for $176,000 and spent about $15,000 from the excess on both maintenance and improvements.
On top of that,both my parents (who divorced and both remarried) were self-made millionaires in their own right,my father worth $1.7 and my mother $1.9 and these days I am a man of substance,who comes from good stock.
Excuse my ramblings and let’s get back to that prick of a doctor.So I spent a couple of minutes to Google XXXXXX on the internet and hello what’s this,but here he is on Facebook.However I can’t be 100% sure that it IS him,because he doesn’t have a profile picture,but there aren’t many smith’s here in Christchurch called XXXXX.
I actually know another person like XXXXXX who’s also a bit camera-shy and the real reason is not because of any possible identity theft,but more to do with the fact that they’ve done something in their past that they’d rather just forget about and of course are paranoid that someone will be able to put a face to their name and identify them.
Anyway I spent some time considering sending this XXXXXX an ‘add a friend request’ just to spook him out a bit and maybe one of his ‘real’ friends might query him,who the hell I am and how the hell I got onto their friends list.Could it really be that easy or am I just dreaming?
I’ll probably just continue to put his name about on the internet just to see if I can make him miserable like he did to me,you know that saying ‘treat people how you’d like to be treated’ and ‘what goes around,comes around’ well his turn has finally come!


Martin, seriously, buy another house and rehab it. When you’re done, buy another. Keep busy and stay off the Internet until you can let go of old grudges.

I’d like to but I don’t know what for :slight_smile:

And now you’re living with your uncle and auntie in Bel Air!

Griefing, spamming, and probably eventually trying to sell the secret of his success so that YOU TOO can learn to make money in real estate.

I thought he died after founding the Church of All Worlds?

I’ve edited the OP to remove the name of the doctor. martin.smith, vent here if you want, but please don’t post the real names or other identifying information of people you’re angry with.

I thought he was in Croydon.

I’m still trying to figure out what the house-flipping story has to do with the bad doctor.

The doctor treated him poorly when he was a Nobody, and now he’s a Somebody due to his houseflipping and his inheritance.

it’s a good effort, and much respect is due to its creators, but I’m afraid it doesn’t quite pass the Turing test.

I tried to flip a house once but it didn’t work out so well. Those things are heavy!

Read the OP. That’s 5 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back.

You should wait 15 years, then find the OP on Facebook and try to add him. That’ll give him a shock! Be some good revenge for you.

Weird how it knows how to put spaces between words but not after punctuation marks.

  1. Give your brother back the $40K he gave you.
  2. Let go of the past grudges…this is something that money can’t buy or soothe.
  3. Live the rest of you life with a free conscience. Say Hi to Opal.
  4. Profit!!!

I’m still trying to figure out if the Dad made 1.7 million before he died and didn’t give $150,00 to the op or if dad somehow did it afterwards.

So, wait a minute.

Doc treats you bad and years later your trying to find ways to harass him?

Mom and dad are ba-jillionaires, leave you with nada but that’s OK cuz you know how to flip houses?

yep, makes sense

Yes. Why you think that this doctor would remember some nobody they treated more than a decade ago is beyond me.