Ghost ship full of cannibal rats about to crash into coast

SyFy channel will have a movie about this in about a week.

Or even two, I mean, if the ship started out with NO rats, then there would still be none. What happened to the people? Did someone just fill a ship with rats and shove it out to sea?

Maybe not European royalty, but they could arrive as one huge rat king

Editor: Write up a story on that lost ship from a while back but spice it up a little!
Journalist: Ok, how about if I write about it possibly crashing onto land, and running a piece about the dangers of abandoned ships to piers and other water craft?
Editor: Who’s gonna care about that?
Journalist: Ok what if we write about rat infestations on this ship and others and what’s being done to combat it?
Editor: Yawn
Journalist: sigh What if I got it on record from some B-list biologist somewhere that if the boat were carrying thousands of rats when it was lost at sea, that they would become cannibalistic, and that if this boat should happen to come ashore, those cannibalistic rats might make it onto land?
Editor: Have it on my desk by Monday.

Fascinating and deeply disgusting. I love The Dope !!

So the original scrapper wrote it off for a loss after it broke from tow, which makes it fair game for salvagers?

If so I can’t help but think if it were still afloat this would be a splendid little exercise for the RN or the NATO Standing Maritime Group North Atlantic, like that derelict Japanese fishing boat the USCG had to eliminate a couple years back. Declare a hazard to navigation then issue the orders: Find the rat ship, sink the rat ship!

Rats multiply very fast. <shudder>

They are inbreeding in that confined area.

I wouldn’t step foot on that boat. Shoot it with a torpedo and sink it at sea. :wink:

When the ship finally runs aground on the Scottish coast, a couple of unwary inhabitants climb on board to explore.

Deep in the inky blackness of the ship’s hold, their flashlights play on the body of an enormous, cow-sized rat with no eyes or legs, who exists only to breed giant mutant cannibal rats. A hideous mewling comes from the beast…the flashlights flicker and go out…

Wait, that’s been done.

Serious question: Wouldn’t any country’s coast guard take steps to keep this ship from running aground on their coastline?

Those rats could pose a real health risk if they escape onto land. Rats swim really well and can easily leave a grounded ship.

I just laughed so loud that I woke the cats up :smiley:

Oh sure. They’re already mutating wildly. Now they’re mutated cannibal zombie vampire aquatic rats, swimming towards your shores.

28 days later…

Is that when the rats get out of rehab?

Rat Invasion.

Obviously the ship isn’t that bad. But even a few hundred can multiply pretty quick.

I’m not sure there would be any rats alive by now. The operators wouldn’t have left any substantial amount of food on board. No doubt whatever rats were on board would have scarfed down whatever scraps they could find pretty quickly. There would be no new sources of food for a year. Cannibalism in a closed system can’t continue as some sort of perpetual motion machine with an endless cycle of rats feeding on rats. I don’t know how long it would take to spiral down into the death of the last rat, but it’s been a year.

I would have though at worst there would remain a handful of near starving rats on board.


A female rat can mate as many as 500 times with various males during a six-hour period of receptivity—a state she experiences about 15 times per year.


A promiscuous female rat can marry as many as 500 times in six hours with a different husband on 15 occasions per annum, said a reliable source who wishes to remain anonymous, as he spoke without first gaining sanction to do so from senior levels within his organization.


500 times!

Sluttish rats do it 500 times in six hours, and each of those 500 times is with 500 males 15 times per year with the same 500!

Bloody benefit tourist rats, coming over here and stealing our jobs. Has anyone interviewed UKIP for this view on this?

Zombie starving rats.

:confused: :confused: Isn’t Discovery Magazine a legit source? I know it’s not a peer reviewed science journal. But the Discovery Channel used to do some pretty decent science documentaries. The link I used was from 2006. It’s only been in the past few years that Discovery sold out as a reality show bullshit channel.

Yes, yes. We’ve all seen “International Velvet”.

Introducing horny cannibal rats to sharks? Hmmm, could be.

I mean, what would a man eating shark say to a cannibal rat anyway?

glub! glub! glub!

[shark]“Getcher stinkin’ paws offa me, you damn dirty rat…!”[/shark]