Ghost Whisperer Question (possible spoilers)

Judging from the lack of Ghost Whisperer threads on the board, I’m going to assume that this series has gone over the way of a lead balloon with the Doperfolk.

That said, I love the show and admit that it’s the only thing I’ve ever NOT wanted to kill Jennifer Love Hewitt in.

I didn’t watch it from the get-go though, and it seems like every other episode there is a large figure in a black hat that shows up here and there for what appears to be no reason.

Are we supposed to know who he is or why he’s around? It seems like JLH doesn’t see him, although the lady who works with her at the antique shop seemed to have felt him watching her in last Friday’s episode.

I sure hope that someone else on these boards enjoys the show. My fiance’ can’t stand it and I’m beginning to question my own sanity.

Oh my gosh, I really -am- the only one who watches this. :frowning:

No. No, you’re not.

I just have to sit on my hands to keep myself from strangling her through the screen for wearing that ridiculous eyeliner and fake lashes.

I think they’re laying the groundwork for her to have to fight evil incarnate in a later episode.
Or not. shrug

Here is a message board where you might find answers.
No, I’m not there.

"No. No, you’re not.

I just have to sit on my hands to keep myself from strangling her through the screen for wearing that ridiculous eyeliner and fake lashes."
Well said, Lady Dragon. I really dig this show, but I can never comment on it without mentioning JLH’s heinous wardrobe and ridiculous makeup (and wtf is up with the hairpiece/ fall thingy they keep putting on her?) I won’t go on about her pointy ferret face, as that would just be catty and immature :wink:

Back on topic, I’ve watched it pretty much every week, but only noticed the figure mentioned in the show about the little boy who died by the train tracks. Am I missing something?

No, Again, I watch it with the Mrs. and it isn’t terrible. I believe that is a continuing thread that hasn’t been brought to the front yet. I expect it to become clear either during sweeps week or sesaon finale.

Again, not nearly as good as Medium, but not bad for a supernatural story. It has some really good moments.

Heh. Don’t get me wrong. I actually like her vintage clothes, and she does own an antique store. If I had her boobs, I’d be wearing more outfits like that myself. I AM vintage…

The makeup is just strange. It was strange then, it is strange now, and is not flattering at all.

Nothing irritates me more than seeing a character wear full makeup to bed, especially if they awake with the same perfection, nothing smudged or out of place. It is even more bizarre when the eyeliner is a black vinyl strip, and the lashes could be small fuzzy pets.

The figure appears in the upper window of the house across the street in one episode (With the older guy who thinks that the new tenant of the house killed his granddaughter) and it appeared in last Friday’s episode as well with Sarah Applewhite.

My fiance’ insists that the figure shows up in the comedy club as well, but I don’t remember that.

I have to agree with LadyDragon, I dig the vintage duds.

With that name, you should be prepared not only to question your sanity but to lash it to a chair under a bare bulb and interrogate it thoroughly.

I think it was there. I remember at the end, she was in the club and she saw it and it was laughing so she hightailed it out of there.

snerk Well said.

I used to watch it,but now BBC America has hijacked me with Creature Comforts, so I can’t watch. Those tarantulas on her eyes always freaked me out. I think the next ghost she’s going to get to pass over has to be Danny Thomas, since she’s obviously channeling Marlo, circa 1967.

Don’t misunderstand; I loooooves me some vintage clothes. You should see the get-up I have on right now; channeling Jackie Kennedy, I am. But just 'cause something’s old, don’t make it good. Plus, not everyone can pull off the retro look, and JLH couldn’t pull it off with instructions and a handle.