Two weeks and no Fringe threads?

Is anybody still watching?

I found last night’s episode (10/8) pretty interesting although I thought of a couple of ways that would have made life easier for everyone.

Guess I’ll use spoiler boxes for those who haven’t seen it yet and will watch it using TiVo or Hulu or whatever:

Since Walter determined that the shape shifter’s blood was mostly mercury, why not just give the agents blood tests?


Why didn’t William Bell record their conversation and give it to Nina to give Oliva when she came back to this universe? Or for that matter, why not give the message to Olivia without taking her to the other universe?

It was at sort of a funny angle and bald, but that looked suspiciously like Ralph Fiennes’ head at the end. No?

I think we can fanwank away the two items mentioned in the OP’s spoiler boxes easily enough.

anyway, I still love this show, but I’m sad about Charlie. Why create a good character and then waste him? I still won’t believe any of the rest of the main cast are in any real danger.

I love this show too. I wish more people were watching it so that I could feel better about its survival.

I find the characters more engaging than many other shows that are more successful.

From the previews …… it looks like it might be a stand alone “monster of the week” episode next week.

I thought the same thing. It can’t be him, though, can it?

gasp Voldemort is the leader of the parallel universe shock troops!?

At first I was wondering if it was going to be that parallel William or Walter crossed over to our universe and died, but then the head obviously wasn’t either of those two. Sadly, I’m not familiar enough with Ralph Fiennes to know. I Googled his image, but that doesn’t help.

Sounds interesting, what are your fanwanks?

Well - do I still need to spoilerbox? cause here come spoilers -

  • I don’t think they tested the agents’ blood, cause they hadn’t narrowed down the field of who the shapeshifter might be to agents.
  • Maybe Mr. Bell (ring!) could send people back and forth but not recorded information between the two worlds.

At the very least they should have tested the people closest to Olivia since she was the target of the shape shifter.

I assume he communicates with Nina so he could have sent the information some other way rather than give it to Olivia who he probably knew would forget for a while.

I guess pulling her over to the other side was something he probably planned all along, and he made it seem like he and Walter were experimenting on children for the purpose of allowing them to cross over dimensions with little to no ill effects, but at the same time if he’s worried about one universe being destroyed he should have given the Fringe team the information a lot earlier and in a more reliable way.

Holy cow, I guess I’m really sucked into this show. That’s not something that happens very often.

Possibly idiot question: Are mercury thermometers still sold in drugstores? It’s been a while since I’ve had any occasion to check the thermometer section of my local CVS, but I remember all the talk about the dangers of mercury, and how if you have an old mercury thermometer and it breaks you have to call the local hazmat office and have your whole house decontaminated.*

I did like the lab tech answering the phone “Bishop’s Deli”.

*hyperbole for humorous effect only

Good question. I was wondering the same thing. I mean, I thought I heard that thermometers sold now had something else other than mercury because of how dangerous mercury can be.

No, those are CFL’s!:wink:

I don’t know if they still sell good ol’ mercury thermometers or not, but I hope so, so I can replace mine if it ever breaks. Digital ones never seem to work a damn for me.

I really like the show, and I really don’t watch many series.

A couple comments.

Mercury thermometers only have just a little mercury in them and the amount you see is a magnification of the glass. Breaking enough to get some to drink would take quite a few. But it’s TV.

I don’t think transfering actual messages between universes would work since Olivia cannot even reliably keep her memmories after a transfer. There may be some techno mumbo-jumbo later to explain why. She went into a ‘spell’ where she remembered the William Bell encounter only after the ring of the bell in the lab. And there was a bell on Wilem/William Bell’s desk. He said it will become obvious later why he can never go back, but there have to be 2 of him, as with everyone else. What happened to the other William Bell is important.

Where are the counterparts of Olivia and the others for that matter.

You all realize that the symbol on the head is the Omega symbol, don’t you? I don’t know what that means though.

Walter, Olivia, Peter, Nina, and Phillip the boss, are all going to remain through the season, but I am not so sure about Astrid the lab assistant. There has been no attempt to flesh her out and put more depth in her character. If this doesn’t happen in a few more episodes, then I think she will be joining Charlie in the expendable pile. Maybe not.

I really don’t believe the story line about the ‘real’ Peter from universe 1 dying. The other one will show up. You did catch the part where the LSD/psycic looked at Peter before she got in the car and wanted to say something. I half expected the frozen head to be him. Remember that William Bell and Walter were partners in the child experiments.

Can’t wait for next week.

Didn’t LSD lady see a faint glow around Peter’s head (just faint, faint enough to doubt whether it was real or just the sun setting behind him), indicating he is one of the people that doesn’t belong on this side?

“Didn’t LSD lady see a faint glow around Peter’s head (just faint, faint enough to doubt whether it was real or just the sun setting behind him), indicating he is one of the people that doesn’t belong on this side?”
That’s what I thought.
I liked the LSD chick’s rapport with Walter.

Yeah, I’m guessing the real Peter died as a kid and Walter brought over a replacement from Universe 2.

So why was PodCharlie kicking and throwing and strangling Olivia instead of, I dunno, shooting her? He had no problem shooting that random passerby. His job was just to kill her, not keep her body intact, unless there’s some other reason he was holding back.

I haven’t had a chance to review the first season, so someone help me remember…were the main villainous group of season 1 just the group of guys in Universe 1 trying to cross over to Universe 2? Do they have any connection with the current mystery group in Universe 2 trying to cross over to Universe 1? The main villain who was teleported out of prison and attempted to cross over, he was sliced in half when he was partway through the portal to the other side. But now it seems, according to Bell’s exposition, that he would’ve died trying to cross over even if our heroes hadn’t intervened.

I particularly liked Bell’s comment: Physics is a bitch.

Olivia should have immediately realized that Charlie was the shapeshifter, and if not her, Peter… simply because Charlie was the one that was standing over the dead non-shapeshifter.

And if that wasn’t enough, she should’ve realized it the minute Charlie texted that Nina was.

But then, we wouldn’t have the rest of the season would we.

I’m still loving it. I wish they had reruns so I could catch stuff I miss the first time.

Is anyone decoding the commercial break symbols?

Something just occurred to me. For the love of all that’s good and holy, I hope they don’t reveal that the main bad guy is parallel Walter who went mad when Peter was taken from him and brought to this universe.

That kind of reveal would greatly disappoint me.

Although it wouldn’t surprise me if Parallel Walter[sup]tm[/sup] has something to do with “Observer”.

I presume it to mean that Dunham is the Alpha.