Ghostbusters Afterlife trailer #2 [spoilers for movie]

Looks interesting.

I hope Covid doesn’t ruin it.

Edit: here’s trailer #1

Thanksgiving. Can’t wait.

Here’s a 15-minute breakdown of the trailer by the director, Jason Reitman.

That’s cool. I wonder how they’ll address Lewis’s relationship relationship with Janine.

I haven’t been following the development of this movie too closely (although I heard they were filming in the Calgary area when I was in Banff). So I was a bit surprised that the trailer doesn’t make it seem like much of a comedy.

It’s definitely a different tone.

It somehow just occurred to me that the young girl, who apparently is Egon’s granddaughter, has his glasses and hairdo.

Yes, it was filmed in southern Alberta–specifically, Calgary, Fort McLeod, and Drumheller, as well as more rural parts of southern Alberta.

I often passed through Fort McLeod when they were filming. I didn’t see the Ectomobile careening down Main Street, but I do note in Trailer No. 1 that they shoot up the Empress Theatre. It’s quite well-known hereabouts, as a historic property that still operates as a theatre. Kind of fun to see Fort McLeod’s Main Street in the trailer.

It looks like the original Ghostbusters and Stranger Things had a baby, and It is in the family as well. hat is a compliment, by the way.

From the Wikipedia page:

Dr. Zeddemore? That’s awesome.

This really fires up my particle accelerator!

I think I saw the first trailer in an actual theater, back in the before times when such things existed. Love the other movies. Will likely skip this one.

You liked the 2017 movie? Just wondering.

Yup. It was fun nonsense, just like the old ones.

Taking the original concept beyond “silly ghostbusting in New York”, like this one does, just breaks my suspension of disbelief.

I did not care for the original film much; it was a good idea and fairly well-executed but IMO it wasn’t actually all that funny, it was just kind of fun. I didn’t see the sequel or the recent reboot.

But this looks interesting to me, and partly because it doesn’t appear to be trying to be funny. A good action/adventure flick is, IMO, fun and this seems to be taking that approach.

I will prolly not look in on this thread much before I see the movie; I think this one is going to deserve its own space to develop.

Fair enough.

This looks very cool, I liked all the GB films, and this one has my hopes up. Thanks for the previews.

Are you going to watch the second one for reference?


Any canon details they acknowledge from it will, I’m sure, be mentioned clearly in the new film and I’ll just accept them as part of the premise.

I saw the original around 1986 on tape and actually went to the theater with my parents to see Ghostbusters 2(the only time I saw it, by the way).

I don’t really find either movie to be that great. I know people who find Ghostbusters to be an all-time great comedy, but I find it to be fun, cute, and charming. But not very funny. I like it, I get why it was a hit, but don’t love it. I also think it was better than many other comedies and movies coming out around 1984, but I just don’t think it deserves to be held in the high esteem it is by some.

Airplane! is much funnier and only a few years older.

Anyway, I hated the 2017 one. I actually can’t believe they failed so spectacularly. I’ve never seen Melissa McCarthy so unfunny and believe me, it isn’t her fault. She was borderline the straight-woman in the movie. The only actress who made me even smile or giggle at all was Leslie Jones. The other three leads suffered from horrible directing and script.

Anyway, I’d say:

Ghostbusters - fun, cute, good movie.
Ghostbusters 2 - OK. I saw it in 1989 at age 10 or 11, but we didn’t like it too much. I know Bill Murray hates it.
Ghostbusters(2017) - hilariously bad. Honestly, hugely incompetent. Should not have been released.