Ghosts of WWII

Russian photographer photoshops the past into the present.

I’m sure someone can name and place these buildings for me, please. I’d like to see them as they were before the war and now, not 'shopped. Plus, I like to share.

Wow, that’s really cool.

Wow. What an evocative series of images.

Those are absolutely amazing. Very haunting.

I would have enjoyed taking my Dad back to Europe, to get his take on the differences between when he was there in the 40s, and again in the 60s in the military, and as a tourist … I wonder if he would see the past in as haunting a manner …

The first two are the Reichstag in Berlin. I think the last one is Prague.

I love it that the advert on the kiosk in the 11th pic is for a fancy-schmancy digital camera! :smiley:

A lot of them are Petersburg: this selection has some of the photos shown in the original link, plus others.

And another selection here; these ones all have captions. Russian only, but you could plug the captions into an online translator which would then give you enough info to search for non-shopped contemporary photos.