Iconic German Images?

I’m looking to decorate my walls a bit more, and I’d like some images/scenes that are iconically German. I was a German major and have a lot of fondness for the language/culture/history, but I’ve honestly forgotten a lot of the imagery and am looking to Dopers to help me.

I had a poster of this up for a long time but I want something new, however that’s a good example of what I’m looking for. Either historic important pictures or even very famous city scenes or skylines (particularly Berlin) would be great.

I already have a couple of maps of German-speaking countries circa 1912, so that’s probably off the table. Also, would like to avoid WWII stuff which paints Germans in a negative light (so, like, no photos of american troops surveying concentration camps upon liberation. Not that those images aren’t very important, of course, but I don’t think it’s appropriate to display them on my walls).

Thanks for all your help!

The Rhine, vineyards, and not one, but two castles - Gutenfels on the bank and Pfalzgrafenstein in mid-river.

You definitely need a picture of a castle, which is the iconic German image to me. I suggest Neuschwanstein. And of course the fall of the Berlin wall.

Crazy traffic in Potsdamer Platz, Berlin, c. 1910, vs. not so crazy, c. 1930.

One of the last pics of Hitler, handing out awards to Hitler Youth in the final days of the war. It encompasses the remnants of what Germany had aspired to with the reality of the effects of those aspirations and what it meant for the future.

Movie posters of UFA films from the Weimar period.

You need some German car images! The BMW tower. Avus race track. Dennis


I had a big poster of this on the wall next to my bed when I was growing up and a Porsche nut: an airborne 934: http://i.ebayimg.com/images/i/251805529153-0-1/s-l1000.jpg

If a Porsche going full-out isn’t an iconic German image, I don’t know what is :wink:

A Pikhelm with the Imperial Eagle. Or, a Stahlhelm (your choice of model and markings).

Bluecher and the Prussians at Waterloo.

The black-white-red Imperial flag.

The Imperial battle flag with the eagle.

A Fokker DR-1.

A Bf109F or FW190. (No matter who flew them, they’re beautiful airplanes!)

An F-104 with BRD markings.

Posters in general are a good idea. 20th century Germans designed MONSTER posters.


If you want something less commercial, get prints of the works of Caspar David Friedrich, the German who ushered in the Romantic movement in painting. Because so few of his works ever left Germany – I think there’s ONE in the Met in NYC, and ONE in the Louvre – they will be new to the eyeballs of your friends.


I love these:

Anita Berber portrait by Otto Dix:

On a less formal note, this is what I think of for an iconic image of Germany:

Oh, yeah! Anything with Zeppelins!

Young women who come over to your apartment always seem oddly mesmerized by depictions of Zeppelins. I have no idea why.

Oh, yeah, again! ANY portrait by Otto Dix.


Germania, the country personified as a hot babe wearing pseudo-medieval garments, usually carrying a sword and a gold shield with the imperial eagle on it.

Movie posters for classic films like Metropolis, Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Nosferatu (1922 or 1979 version), M, The Blue Angel, Run Lola Run…

Also, any photography by August Sander or Helmut Newton.

Images of WWII superimposed on the 21[sup]st[/sup] Century


I think a photo of Unter den Linden in Berlin would be an attractive addition. I also love the way certain Bavarian towns look, it’s like a storybook village. Check out images of Rothenburg and Garmische.

In my garage I have a grill from a '63 MB 220, a grill from a BMW 2002 and a poster of a Weiner Dog in Leiderhosen.