I’ve never been, always out of town. This year however, it’s a week before I travel. Ha! So I’ll be there with bells on.

i’ve always wanted to shake Bob “Hoolihan” Wells hand and tell him how much he entertained me growing up.

For non-Clevelanders:


For the uniniated:

Who was Ghoulardi? He was very important to us growing up in the 1960’s in the Cleveland television market, followed by Hoolihan & Big Chuck.

Happy days.

I was going to post this! But I didn’t know who else besides me would be interested ova day! I can’t go, though :frowning:

Please come back and tell me all about it! Are you going to buy Big Chuck’s book? I’m going to buy it Nov. 1 at the Buckeye Book Fair. But it’s not the same as going to Paaaaaarma. Or Amrap.

I hope you meet lots of certain ethnic types. And shake hands with the Kielbasa Kid for me.

Yes, I’m going to buy his book.

Cool it with the Boom-Booms!
Why can’t you go?

Other crap to do. Sigh. I know I can’t go Saturday; maybe I could get there Sunday if I move some stuff around. I know my husband isn’t interested; he didn’t grow up around here and I don’t think anything could convey to him the exquisite beauty of “Readings by Roberts.” He’s seen Big Chuck and Little John a few times, but it isn’t in his soul.

And Coondog O’Karma in a pizza-eating contest? she scoffed. I don’t care if he beat Mariano “Mushmouth” Pacetti. I have my standards.

Remember when Mariano got beat by that dog? but upom consulting the rulebook and finding it said “must be human” the whole stadium breathed a collective sigh of relief.
Good times.

I don’t think that was a real dog. I think it was Rinaldi in a dog suit.

Well, if I do come, you’ll recognize me because I’ll be the one sobbing for my lost youth.

:stuck_out_tongue: actually I think it was a great dane.

No, no, no. Enjoy the maturity and wisdom that comes with age, then blow up Froggy with a firecracker!

Turn blue, baby.

Somewhere, I’ve got 6 autographed photos of Big Chuck and Little John from the N Ridgeville Haunted House laying around.

Hey, if you’re coming to the Buckeye Book Fair, we can have a teensy-weensy WooDopeFest!

Am I getting senile, or do I remember Gary Kucinich (politician brother of a certain former Boy Mayor and current United States Representative) going against Mushmouth in the pizza-eating contest?

Stay sick! Turn blue!

I just checked out the guest list and was slightly disappointed not to find Art LoFredo. Whatever happened to that guy?

My dad and my brother will be there. Look for the odd paring of squat/dark/young/handsome and lanky/light/old/gruff and you will find the two :slight_smile:

I assume anyone who shows up wearing Parma Socks will be laughed out of Cuyahoga County?

I’ll ask. His short film “Take Five”, basically acting out the Dave Brubeck song in mime as a door-to-door salesman, was one of the funniest pieces I’ve ever seen. And I think it was his first.
Alas, Marty “Superhost” Sullivan won’t be there either. :frowning:

Damn, you guys are making me homesick. I was born and raised in Cleveland for 22 years. I remember being a kid and watching The Big Chuck and Little John show. My Saturdays consisted of watching Saturday morning cartoons and then Superhost and whatever movie they were showing, usually a Godzilla flick. Those were the days.

Well then fly on up, the hotel still had some rooms as of last night.

I’ll be there. You’ll be there?

This 2007 article says he’s a studio technician at Channel 8.

On the contrary, I’d think they’d be mandatory! :stuck_out_tongue:

After this thread, I went home last night and hit YouTube. There are only a couple of Ghoulardi videos, and I watched them, and then I watched some vintage Hoolihan and Big Chuck. I watched Gitarzan (of course), Ben Crazy, The Certain Ethnic Six-Million-Dollar Man, Soul Man (remember the one where mild-mannered TV producer Ed Tarboosh goes downtown to buy some Soul Pills, but gets tricked into buying bogus ones from Filthy Pierre? And he goes into the phone booth to change, and he turns into . . . Super Host?)
And I laughed my ass off.

But I’ll tell you when I lost it.

When they played the opener.

From the Heart of Playhouse Square . . .
In Beautiful Downtown Cleveland . . .
It’s the Hoolihan and Big Chuck Show!

Here we go again . . .

Damn, how did I get so old?

and over the end credits they played Rod Stewart’s “Maggie May”

I feel like crying in nostalgia whenever I hear that song.

A bottle of Dad’s Root Beer, some Wise Potatoe Chips and some Lawson’s Chip-Dip and all was right with the world.


The Lawson’s sign said “Lawson’s Party Foods” but my dad (rest his soul) always used to call it “Lawson’s Farty Poods”.

Oddly, though Lawson’s is long gone from these green shores, they’re huge in Japan.

Now I’m all nostalgic. I’d like to pull into a full-service Sohio and have the attendant ask me, “Boron, Octron or Cetron?”.