Giant Japanese Hamster Balls?

I’m looking for the title of a children’s cartoon that was on a few years ago. I’m not sure if it actually hit the American market, but it was from Japan.

There were hamsters who were ‘super hamsters’… When these things went into super hamster mode, their testicles would inflate to huge ‘hamster balls’! What was it called? Was this my imagination?

Never heard of that one. But a children’s cartoon (about hamsters) that did make it here was Hamtaro. Dunno if its just a censored version of what you are talking about.

I think that you may be thinking of Pom Poko, a kid’s movie. It’s about the tanuki (racoons?) having a sort of eco-terrorism war with the humans that are building too much. They could change shape, and yes, their power seems to be seated in their testicles. They can transform them into various things (such as huge treasure ships) and even bounce on them/use them as weapons.

It’s actually a really great movie, if a bit quirky and longer than I’m used to kids movies being.

ooooh - Pom Poko, that’s it! Thanks.

“In breaking news, President Bush called on Saddam Hussein to allow UN inspectors into his pants in order to prove that Iraq was not developing a Pom Poko program of weapons of mass destruction.”

      • I don’t mean to be insulting or mean-spirited here, but a significant part (possibly a majority) of Weird Cartoon technology seems to be based in Japan.

It’s a strange day when you come into a thread with the object of making a sick joke by deliberately misinterpreting the OP’s title and you find out that the OP is already freaking about that.

Amazing. I thought the OP was about exercise balls. I came in to make a joke about hamster testicles. The OP is actually about hamster testicles. Giant, supercharged hamster testicles.


“Careful, old chum; they might be loaded. We don’t know what might come gushing out of there. Time for the Full Body Bat Condom!”