Gift for new mom...who's also my wife

My wife and I are expecting our first child any day now. I’ve been thinking that I’d like to get her a gift for the big day to mark the occasion and let her know I appreciate all she’s gone through over the past nine months.

I don’t have a lot of money, but I’ve been considering jewelry or some other keepsake that will remind her of this time in our lives. Anyone have a suggestion? Or should I scrap the idea altogether?

Perhaps a amethyst necklace/pendant since that is February’s birthstone. Depending on the styling, if you have other children, you could add another pendant to the same necklace- sorta like a charm necklace. I once saw some boy and girl charms (I think they were at James Avery Jewelers, but not sure).

A charm of some sort, preferably one you can have the date of the baby’s birth engraved on? Silver is cheap, but nice, and a gold charm probably wouldn’t be too much, either.

Just before my baby was born, my husband purchased a silver charm and bracelet at James Avery. The charm is a picture frame and the back is engraved with her name and birthday.

This year for her birthday, I received a second picture frame charm for my bracelet with her name and year engraved on it.

The bracelet will hold about 15 charms if you skip loops, so you’ll have the next 15 years covered!

Forget the jewelry, get her a king size bed.

Thanks for the suggestions. I like the idea of a locket or charm with the baby’s photo. I’m sure she’d also appreciate that bed!

Is there anything she hasn’t been able to have since becoming pregnant? My sister-in-law couldn’t eat much of anything (especially meat) for the last 6 months of her pregnancy (she lost 45 pounds while pregnant) and my brother got her all sorts of meat to have when she came home.

How about a keepsake and an instant gratification item. I know that’s what I’d want, it shows you’ve been paying attention and that you love her and the baby.

A visit to a masseuse or a day spa. I got a day at a local spa for my sister ($150) after she gave birth. She loved it. Her back, feet, and neck were killing her after carrying the extra weight around and it helped her get back in the swing of things.

How about getting a weekly maid’s service to come and help keep the house clean for the next few months, while she’s going to be totally involved in the care of the baby?

The momma does all the work and the baby gets all the presents. You are a nice man.
I would suggest a Vacation in a bag Write out instructions for use example: (Give baby to hubby (you) to watch for an hour or two. Go into the bathroom, locking the door set up some sort of music player (away from the tub for safety.) light candles disolve bath salts, place goodies at hand.)

In the bag should be bath salts (if money is a real issue, get a box of Calgon and a box of Epsom Salts mix them together in a pretty container, the Magnesium Sulfate relaxes muscles and the calgon has way too much purfume to use alone), several votive candles and pretty holders, a book or magazine she’d enjoy (nothing about babies) good candies or cookies, herbal tea or one of those exotic sodas that are supposed to clear your mind or relax you, a music CD (or MP3 player) with music she likes. a bath pillow, a pretty scrubby or bath brush. Maybe even a pretty robe or cover to put on after the bath. Offer to put a towel in the microwave for 45 seconds just as she finishes so its warm and cozy. Oh and the jewlery too.
You get the idea. I’ve give some variation of this at many baby showers. Its always a huge hit.

You really can’t go wrong with jewelry, and there’s so much that is beautiful and is not horribly expensive. One little tip: look closely at the jewelry your wife already owns, and note whether it is yellow gold or white gold. Some women - I know because I am one of them - have a distinct preference for one or the other, and it makes a difference.

You might consider a ring with three stones - her birthstone, yours and the baby’s. Then it’s a family ring!

I say get her something that tells her that you recognize HER–not her as Mommy, wife, DIL–but HER.

I have no idea what that might be…It’s nice that you thought of her–good luck with your new baby!

You have chosen well, Daniel-san.

I like the amethyst idea, provided she likes them. A charm bracelet would be great, too: and every year you’ve already got one gift figured out for Christmas.

A ring with all your birthstones might be nice IF the colors don’t clash. I love the sentiment behind mother’s rings, but sometimes they’re just plain ugly.

I’m all about a dual gift: come bearing jewelry while she’s in labor. Then get a maid for the next few months. I’m getting excited FOR her just writing about the possibility that your wife wouldn’t have to worry too much about housework and would have all sorts of time to play with the baby.

I like your suggestion, picunurse. I take it from your username that you have plenty of exposure to new moms. I’ll tuck that one away for a few weeks from now.

I decided to get her the envelope locket. After the baby comes (we’re now three days past the due date!), I’ll tuck in a photo and get his or her name and birth date engraved on the insert. I really wanted to get the gold one with the tenny diamond, but I think she might have killed me if I spent that much, so I went with a plain one engraved with “Mom”. I think I’ll also get her a gift certificate for a massage.

As for cleaning and such, I already do most of that. [If there were an angel smiley with a halo, I’d humbly insert that here.]