Gift ideas for wife's first Mother's Day?

My beautiful daughter was born on March 1 of this year. That means I have to come up with something for Mother’s Day and OMG it’s this weekend. :eek:

Any good ideas out there? If I don’t come up with something quick I’m going to have to call the global star registry and register a star with her name. >_< (Just kidding, I’m not that desperate - or stupid)

I was thinking possibly of a charm bracelet with a baby-related charm on it. Or maybe just a baby related necklace or something. Any help is much appreciated! :smiley:

A “Mother’s Ring” which is both of their birthstones. You can get some that you can add to if you plan more babies along the way.

My suggestion, since this is a really new baby, is to give her an entire weekend of as much sleep as she wants. I’m not kidding. I was wiped out the first few months after Kalhoun, Jr. was born. Take every feeding and changing for the weekend and let her saw a log.

Ask her out on a date. I was going to suggest cooking something, but she might want to get out of the house. So, nice dinner, whatever after, make her feel beautiful, give her loads or kisses and stuff, etc.

A Mother’s Day gift for your own mom can be time spent with the new granddaughter. Yay! :smiley:

That’d be enough for me anyway.

Ooh, I second this. Take the baby to Grandma, and take the new mom out to a peaceful, uninterrupted dinner.

A new outfit might be a nice addition, so she can feel pretty again. That’s a rough point with me, and my baby is almost 5 months old.

Breakfast in bed, and then a long nap for the new mom is always a winner. Especially for the mom of a 2-month-old. (And if someone could clue my SO in about this, I’d appreciate it.)

Odd, isn’t it, that Mother’s Day often involves ditching the kid for a couple of hours? :stuck_out_tongue:

Whatever you do, don’t tell your wife that you have no obligation to do anything special for her on Mother’s day because she’s not your mother. A female friend of mine was handed that excuse by her husband…or should I say ex-husband. The putz.

The best idea for a present is simply to give her time for herself. As others have suggested, leave the baby with the grandparents for as long as you can get away with, and use the time to spoil your wife rotten. If she just wants to sleep the time away, let her, though the occasional rose on the pillow or breakfast tray should be employed to remind her that you’re nearby. If she’s of a mind to go out, don’t be too hurt if she wants to go out with the girls or even by herself. Maybe you can send her to a day spa for the royal treatment.

If she does want to be with you, be as romantic as possible. Let her know that she’s even more beautiful than before, that stretch marks are badges of honor, and that she’s the greatest thing that ever happened to you.

If you really feel that you want to buy her something, my wife loved the baby charm necklace. My own personal recommendation though would be to stick with something romantic. A slinky nightgown, a bottle of her favorite perfume, candlelight dinner, the works.

BTW, belated congrats on the arrival of your daughter. May she bring you a lifetime of joy!


My normal mothers day gift from Brainiac4 is that he takes the kids to visit his mother and I go see a schlocky romantic comedy and have lunch with mine - without children. Or I sit in the tub and read.

I also expect him to take the kids to the nursery and find some cute little garden gnome or bunny or something for the garden that the kids pick out so when they are teenagers I can say “see what you guys bought me when you were four! Isn’t it hideous!” But your baby is too little yet.

Most women I know, particular tired exhausted women of infants, look at this and see “he wants sex, ugh!” In my house, a slinky nightgown is a gift for Brainiac4 (he gets lingere in my size as a gift), comfy flannel jammies are a gift for me. There is also something ooky to a lot of women about mixing the notions of motherhood and sex. Yep, most of us got to mortherhood through sex, but a Mother’s Day gift is nominally from your kids - and who gives their mom slinky nightdresses.

My son is just a little bit younger than your daughter. This is my first Mother’s day too.

The idea of leaving the baby with some one else is slightly appealing, but I know I would spend the entire time worrying if the baby was crying. (I’ve got a real mama’s boy) What I would love is if my husband would automatically change him, try to sooth him when he’s crying, maybe take a feeding if that’s possible. A backrub that doesn’t necessarily lead to sex. That’s the last thing I want to do. There’s no energy. A clean house would be nice, including doing things like scrubbing down the bathroom and all the floors. A hot uniterrupted shower or bath.

Top it off with a card “signed” by your daughter. I took finger paint and made a footprint on paper, cut it out and taped it to cards for the grandmothers. It’s not that easy to do so have a stack of paper ready.

My wife says, “I’m not your mother, don’t buy me any more crap!”.

We agreed that for these made-up “spendafortuneonjunk” holidays we would buy trees to plant on the property to mark the passage of the years we spend together.

20 years from now, the apples that come from the 2003 “Mother’s Day Tree” will be more valueable than any crap mass-produced booger from Kay Jewler.

This year, she gets an Italian Plum.

Don’t get her a plastic patio table. It didn’t go over very well in the hillbilly household.

Many years ago I read a tip about giving gifts…no matter what the occasion.

The tip was, give somthing unexpected. If they collect dolls, don’t give a doll, If they like flowers, don’t give flowers, etc. etc. Give them something where they have to leave the house, dress up, and go away from their usual day-to-day life.

Buy theater tickets to the local community theater and a free dinner at a restaurant before or after, or buy a gift certificate a the local mall where they have to spend a day looking around and finding something for themself, or a beauty treatment at a spa, or if you are on a budget, a certificate to get their nails done…something that gets them OUT of the house. Try to make it something that is a luxury…even if it is just a movie of their choice at the local ciniplex and the large box of Raisenettes. Just make sure the gift is nothing practical, no matter how much they claim to want a vacuum cleaner.

Make a set of coupons of things your daughter can do like pick her nose and put her toes in her mouth and allow mom to redeem them at any time.

This was the conversation in my house 2 years ago.
Husband:As a joke, I kept telling people at work that I don’t have to get you anything for Mother’s Day because you’re not my mother. They didn’t think it was funny. But really, isn’t that why we have Valentine’s Day?
Me: Honey, what did you get me for Valentine’s Day this year?
Husband: I can’t remember. What did I get you?
Me:Nothing. (To be fair, we were particularly broke that year)
Husband: Wow, I’m kind of a dick, aren’t I?

Yes! Last year, my husband gave me a gift certificate to a nearby day spa for a massage, facial and pedicure. It took me a while to redeem it (my choice; I was pregnant again), but when I did, it was heavenly .

My favorite gift following the crazy birth of my daughter was a beautiful bracelet beaded by my sister in law at a bead booth in the mall. (They helped her with the tricky bits like finishing off and putting on the clasps.) She chose amythest beads for February - my daughter’s actual birthstone, moonstones for June - which was her due-date, and little silver letter beads to spell out her name.

I haven’t taken it off since I got it, except to wash. I plan on wearing it pretty much until my daughter gets old enough to want to borrow it. Then it will becomes hers “for keeps” when she moves out.

If my husband gave me even cheap jewelery which he picked out and made himself, even with tons of help, I’d swoon and drop over dead of romantic overload. Even if it looked like crap, it’d be my new favorite thing ever.

My daughter’s three weeks old, so I can’t handle the feedings, but I do as much of the other stuff as I can.

I’m in the middle of my work week, so I can’t let MrsB sleep all that much either… and I haven’t had the time to go shopping for that ‘you gave me a baby’ diamond ring… so she’s getting charms I bought on eBay for her nomination bracelet. I’m such a big spender :stuck_out_tongue:

Flowers are always a good idea, even if you give a more lasting gift like jewelry too.

It could always be worse. My mom didn’t get anything for Mother’s Day when she was 9 months and 2 weeks pregnant with me, not because she wasn’t his mother but because, according to him, she wasn’t anybody’s mother yet.

Remarkably, she’s let him hang around these past 22 years.

Of course you can! Take the day off work.

Hah! I’ll just point out that your advice came more than 6 hours after my shift for the day finished…