Gift Returners

I pre-pit all you (can hardly wait until the day after Christmas) gift returners. No, not the ‘wrong size received’ recipients - I’m pitting those who make returning their gifts a sport on the 26th of December each and every year. I’m pitting those people who have decided before opening a present that it’ll go back. I think it’s rude, I think it’s wrong.

Whew. That was fun.

I’ve returned one thing in my life. Two years ago, my mother gave me a DVD of The Hulk. I exchanged the Full Screen Version for the Wide Screen version.

I guess that puts me in the “wrong size” category… except I have a closet full of shirts that are too big for me, because I didn’t want to be rude and return them.

some people ( :rolleyes: ), use the no-questions-asked return policy at WalMart after Christmas to return things that they only needed for a short period of time.

Fuck you for turning Christmas into some fun-filled, family-oriented holiday with religious roots, instead of the greed-driven hedonism fest it was meant to be.

I rarely return something I don’t like. My husband is in the “returner” category. He says he doesn’t like it and takes it back. It’s a huge drag. His whole family knows exactly what they’re getting for Christmas…from everyone…because they put their orders in by Thanksgiving. It really blows.

ok, so should have I pre-pited you yesterday for starting a trend towards pre-pitting?

At home we give lists of things we’d like. The list is longer than the amount of presents expected and presents not listed get “extra points” for imagination and effort. The list is intended as an aid, not as the book of law.

Ah, but my SIL is one of those people who like what they like. Exactly what they like. If she saw a pair of gloves in a certain store that she liked, and you go and there are 5 pairs that fit the description, and the ones you pick are not the ones she liked… oh. My. God.

After 3 years of trying and failing to please at Christmas and birthdays, Mom asked her to earmark things at stores or else she’s not allowed to complain; myself and the other bro took advantage of it to mention that when we give presents to our brother we’re giving them to our brother, not to her husband. He happens to be her husband, but he’s been our brother a lot longer and we know things about him she can’t begin to imagine.

Things got a lot better; she still sometimes looks at her husband’s sibling-given LoTR T-shirts like they’ve been spit by some unbelievable demon but she doesn’t outright forbid him to wear them :stuck_out_tongue:

I have nobody like that on my Christmas shopping list.

Because I just drop them from my list altogether. :smiley:

Well wait a minute. Who are we talking about here? Because I don’t know anyone who does that. I know getting gifts you don’t want is a possiblility. Like when Imy grandmother gave me Snoopy earrings…for my 21st birthday. Relatives are like that.

But planing in advance :confused: ? Who are we talking about? If they just don’t like anything, why not give them what they want…like a gift certificate? Or if you want to fuck with them (in a holiday kind of way of course :slight_smile: ) a card saying a tree has been planted in their name in Israel.

And what’s wrong with getting exactly what you want for Xmas? I’m not talking about returning stuff so much as compiling very specific wish lists. I’ve made a specific wish list since I was a kid and kept getting kids’ chapter books, which I was disappointed with (I would never throw a tantrum over it, but they could see I was disappointed). My parents know nothing about my taste in books and music; they can pick out clothes for me but that’s just because I’ve told them to buy me things in black, and only black. Hard to find an butt-ugly solid black sweater. I’d rather my parents didn’t buy me anything at all, seeing as how I’m 24, but I know they’re going to. Why should they waste their money buying me something I will never read/listen to/wear?

Returns are basically the same thing. Sure, I’d like to think the recipient would like the stuff I picked out for them, but I’d rather they have something they like than something that’s going to rot away in a closet forever, even if I didn’t pick it out. Otherwise, it’s a waste, and adds more to the problem of conspicuous consumption (if they keep my gift and then go out and buy something they really want, there is more being consumed than if they take my gift back and buy the thing they want). Sure, it should be the thought that counts, but I can also admit that my thought might sometimes be a little off, and I’d rather a gift is returned than shoved in a closet or regifted. People like what they like and you can’t make someone love a gift if they really don’t.

Is the OP perhaps thinking of people who return things soully for the money?

Heh. I wish my grandma would return her gifts on December 26. She always waits until July, when all the stuff we bought for her has gone on clearance.

Ya know, this would be perfect but for the people who think Christmas isn’t Christmas without lots of presents under the tree. I’d LOVE it if people would make charitable donations in lieu of some of the crap they think I’d like. I can’t fathom how anyone would think I’d want stretch polyester elastic-waisted navy-blue slacks (Think grocery-store cashier pants. ). These things weren’t worth the gas it would’ve cost to return them, so they went to the homeless shelter. The sad thing is, my MIL goes to great lengths to have her neat list, organized by person, so it’s not like she doesn’t have a clue about what I want. I mean, if you’re going to be tacky and ask, at least honor the list, y’know?

This year, though, I’m not shopping for anyone and I’m not expecting anything. I’m not even participating. I’m just ignoring the silly season altogether. It’s better for my sanity that way.


My grandma used to do that to, but we fixed her ass: We <i>buy</i> her gifts in July, when they’re on clearance.


But I don’t want a gift certificate–or I want one only to certain specific places. When I say I don’t want anything, I mean I don’t want anything.
I mean if I wanted it I would go buy it, unless it’s too expensive. And if it’s too expensive for me to buy for myself then it’s definitely too expensive for somebody else to buy it for me.
So what’s wrong if I thank you for it and return it? And use the money to pay off my kid’s orthodontist?

I understand the problem when the description is vague, but not so much when the description is precise and someone says ‘oh, close enough.’ I have a SIL who’s done this a few times to my husband. Give her a shoe’s model name, size, and acceptable colors, with instructions to not get it if it’s not available in those, and you’ll end up with at least one of those items wrong and her saying that it was “close enough.” Ask for a DVD and specify that it must be widescreen - yeah, pan & scan.

(emphasis added). instructions? might I suggest that a gift suggestion that comes with instructions is somewhat odd? gift suggestions (to me) would be “any of these books” or “Star wars monopoly” , “long sleeved shirts, size M, I like bright colors”.

if you’re precise enough to state “I want this particular shoe, size 8, in either this color or that but NOT these other colors”, buy it yourself.

I hate returning stuff so very much (and I’m so very lazy) that I can’t recall the last time I’ve done it. Even when I have the receipt, the item in original packaging, etc., sitting by the front door. Hell, I could leave it in my car and I’d still not take it into the store.

So when I get gifts I don’t like, I either

a.) give them away,

b.) throw them away, or

c.) stuff them somewhere in my house for an undetermined length of time and eventually give in and do a. or b.

I’ve told all my friends not to buy me anything for Christmas, because I’m not going to get them anything–I’d rather go out for dinner and drinks when I can afford it, at some later date, and generally they would too–so if I do get anything from them, it’s in spite of my specific instructions.

Ergo, there will be no returning. Thank Og.

I’ve never been given anything worth standing in line and dealing with crowds. Fuck that.

And my mother’s horribly hideous and unfortunate gifts…homemade lampshades with fringe, quilted salt-and-pepper-shaker-covers, etc…do not, sadly, come with receipts or store credit.

Not that this is a pet thread…but we need pictures!!!

Were your lamps naked bulbs? Were your shakers shivering? Its unfathomable!

mental note: my mom’s presents aren’t that bad…really

I’ve been trying to pull this one off for a few years, but I just can’t manage to convince the parents. I think I got the furthest this year - I told them (truthfully) that our dear friends in New Orleans lost their house, and we were concentrating all our efforts to help them get back on their feet. If they have to give, we asked them to please just donate the money to the Red Cross instead. Don’t know if it’ll work, but at least I know I’m not doing any shopping this year. Then maybe I can convince them to drop the whole Xmas pretense altogether next year.