Gimme All Your Lovin' lyrics question

Ever since ZZ top came out with their Eliminator album, “Gimme All Your Lovin’” has been one of my favorite songs. But one thing always bothered me about it. Coming out of the solo and into the final verse, Billy Gibbons sings a few garbled words that I have never been able to decipher. They start at about 2 minutes and 14 seconds into the song and sound like “I’d like to (???) you up and (???) you like a (???)” I’ve been looking on lyrics sites and the best I can find is (incomprehensible). Yeah, I already knew that.

So I turn to the Dope for help. Does anybody have an idea what Billy is saying over the music in that part of the song? Here’s the song on YouTube for those who don’t have it handy. The lyrics I’m asking about start at about 2:14.

OK, just listened to it, and I’ve got it:

" [mumbles into beard] "

My best guess is that it’s some scat singing before the last verse. Therefore, nonsense.

“Gimme All Your Lovin’”

Sounds to me like “[something something] an’ pick me up an’ work it like you do!”

‘Girl like you, pick me up and work me like a dream.’

Thanks, AveDementia! That does sound precisely like what Gibbons is saying. I wish I’d asked this here a long time ago. The Dope does indeed come through. And at one minute under 4 hours! :slight_smile: