Giraffe neck tie

The Internet must decide: if a giraffe were to wear a neck tie, would it be at the top of his neck or the bottom?

Visual depiction, with some commentary.

Where does the neck stop, and the body begin? Well, at the bottom of the neck. That’s where a tie goes.

How is this even a question?

Neckties are always worn at the bottom of the neck. It’s sad to know there are people or giraffes who think otherwise.

Bottom. You don’t wear a necktie under your chin.

Wouldn’t it depend on how high up the shirt goes?

Bottom is the only right way.

However, there is a certain amount of humor to putting it at the top of the neck closer to the head, and what’s the point of tie-wearing giraffes if not humor?

It clearly has to be the bottom. The tie is worn under the collar of the shirt (no well-dressed giraffe would wear a tie without a shirt). A tie at the top of the neck would require a collar several feet long – or else some outlandish sort of neck sleeve, which doesn’t bear thinking about.

Besides; at the the bottom is how Georgie Giraffe, one of Tiger Tim’s Bruin Boys chums, always wore his, so that settles it.

Even in the early 20th Century, when men wore high, stiff collars, the tie itself sat lower, at the bottom of the throat. I’m not sure how a tie would even stay at the top of your neck unless you tied it tight enough to choke you.

Bottom for a necktie, of course. Still undecided about a bow tie, though.
And a bolo tie would just be ridiculous on a giraffe.

Top! You’re all wrong! When I first thought about it I thought “bottom, obviously” but then I looked at the pictures and it has to be top.

This. 100% this.

That picture of a giraffe wearing a tie at the bottom of his neck looks ridiculous!

Look at it from the front.

Bottom is correct, no contest.

The problem is that on a human being, the tie is worn at the bottom of the neck and then drapes over the chest. But the giraffe doesn’t have much of a chest below his neck so it hangs awkwardly. For that reason, it might make sense for him to wear it at the top of his neck, so it can drape over the rest of his neck.

I voted bottom. As it should be if the giraffe is getting all dressed up in a suit for a dignified speech to the UN or some such. Only time for it to be at the top if he’s being That Guy at a kegger.

Forget that–where would the patches go on the sleeves of his tweed jacket?

OMG. I’ve been doing it wrong all these years!!!

The point of the tie should be just above the belt. How does the giraffe wear its pants?


Funny you should ask…

Unless the dog is a plumber, pants should cover the butt; therefore the right picture.