Girly Types: Femme Faves

What is currently your favorite:

–lipstick brand/shade
–at-home hair color/shade
–face wash

whatever else you feel the need to share.


–Samsara (though I don’t own it)
–MAC ‘O’ or ‘Skew’
–Any product by L’oreal
–Paula’s Choice for oily skin type
–Revlon Colorstay Light
–L’oreal Lash Architect (or something like that)
–B&B Works Lime Coconut Verbena and Aveeno Lotion

Perfume: Ralph by Ralph Lauren
Lipstick Brand: Mac ‘O’ or ‘Huetopia’
Hair colour: I can’t remember the name, but it’s a ginger colour by L’Oreal Colour Booster
Face Wash: Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser
Foundation: Don’t wear foundation. But I like MAC concealer.
Mascara: Don’t use mascara
Lotion: The Body Shop Nut Butter

I love Huetopia, too! And Ralph, for that matter.

I think Huetopia is one of the underappreciated MAC lipsticks - maybe the funky tangerine colour turns people off, but it looks so nice and surprisingly natural!

And I’m pretty pleased with Ralph. I tried it a couple of months ago, but I thought the fragrance was a bit funny and it didn’t last long on me. But I bought it when I saw it on eBay for half price, and the scent is still lingering after 12 hours.

–perfume - Clinique Happy
–lipstick brand/shade - Lancome - Playful. It’s a sheer brownish raisin.
–at-home hair color/shade - Nah, only mixed in the salon. Dark ashy brown.
–face wash - Neutrogena Foaming Cleanser
–foundation - Lancome Maqui Libre. Sheer coverage, not shiny, really nice.
–mascara - Lancome Definicils
–lotion - Clarins Peau Neuve - for the face. Great AHA chemical exfoliant with not much added moisturizer.

perfume—Le Dix, by Balanciaga (light and fresh-smelling)
lipstick—Cover Girl Rose Quartz (light pink, with bluish undertones)
at-home hair color/shade—get my hair done professionally.
face wash—Ummm, Noxema.
foundation—don’t wear any.
mascara—Maybelline “Illegal Lengths” in black
lotion—any SPF 15 moisturizer, 365 days a year, rain or shine.

perfume: Gap for Woman (not made any more alas, but sneaky me, I bought two)
lipstick brand/shade: Clinique, mauve crystal
at-home hair color/shade: get it done professionally, to cut the darn red highlights
face wash: Beauty Control for oily skin
foundation: MAC studio fix (it’s a powder)
mascara: some Maybelline stuff, blue container, straight wand, not water-proof, and I wear brownish-black
lotion: LubriDerm unscented

–perfume - Chanel No. 5
–lipstick brand/shade - Estee Lauder or Wet -n- wild glosses :slight_smile:
–at-home hair color/shade - agh - I’ve tried every color under the sun
–face wash - Loreal Hydrafresh cleanser
–foundation - Clinique superbalanced (Ivory) - flawless!
–mascara - Clinique Lash Doubling mascara
–lotion - Bath and Body Works - cotton blossom

Perfume: Actually, it’s a mixture of essential oils and the like. It goes by the name “Night Queen.” No aerosol. The SO says it smells like sandalwood.

Lipstick: Actually, it’s lip gloss. Mary Kate and Ashley Olson. “No Way.” Failing that…Cose in “Swept Away.”

Hair Color: Clairol Nice N Easy. Used to be #121. Natural Darkest Brown. Starts off black–so I get to look all gothy for a couple of weeks–then fades EXACTLY to my natural color.

Foundation: I don’t really wear it very often, so I don’t buy by brand. But usually the second or third to the lightest shade.

Mascara: I like the new Maybellene Blackest Black, but it runs. Otherwise, anything waterproof.

Lotion: St. Ives. The silk stuff. 'Cause it isn’t all greasy and stuff.

Perfume: Eternity by Calvin Klein and Pink by Gap

Lipstick Brand: My favorite Revlon Colorstay Sheers line has been discontinued so now I’m playing with some tinted glosses by Avon.

Hair colour: Done professionally

Face Wash: Noxema Triple Clean Face Wash

Foundation: Some kind of Almay blendable face stick

Mascara: Maybelline Volume Express

Lotion: Jergens Skin Firming and Body Shop body butter

–perfume: Victoria Secret Love Spell
–lipstick brand/shade: Revlon SkinLights Lip Gloss in Amethyst
–at-home hair color/shade: Garnier Nutrisse, I switch colors a lot but it’s usually some lighter or darker version of auburn
–face wash: Neutrogena Deep Pore Cleanswer
–foundation: Revlon SkinLights Face Tint
–mascara: L’Oreal Voluminous
–lotion: Nivea

And all this time I thought I was outgrowing the teenaged tomboy phase and becoming girly. Apparently not.

–perfume: Uhh, I used to steal whatever my mom had on the dresser. She had some Ralph Lauren stuff that ruled. Since I’ve moved out, I just wear the scented lotions and perfumes people have given me as presents. My favorite is Victoria Secret’s Amber Romance lotion. Don’t laugh at the name, it smells really good!

–lipstick brand/shade: I only wear lip gloss these days. Earth tones work for me.

–at-home hair color/shade: Ehh, black? Tis my natural color.

–face wash: Just regular bar soap.

–foundation: Umm.

–mascara: Ehh? Mascara’s evil. I couldn’t wear it if I wanted to, anyway. I tried, but whenever I blink, the mascara gets all over the place. My eyelashes are long and eeeevil.

–lotion: Jergens! Makes me skin feel soft and purdy. ::giggles::

perfume: Assorted body splashes from Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret. I like a variety. (Currently wearing: Victoria’s Secret Strawberries & Champagne.)

lipstick: Chapstick, SPF 15.

hair color: Just my natural color.

face wash: Dial bar soap.

foundation: None.

mascara: None. (In my experience, you can wear either mascara or contacts, but not both.)

lotion: Bath & Body Works (assorted scents; currently wearing Sunsweet Kiwi) and Coppertone Sprot SPF 48.

–perfume - Clinique Happy or Christian Dior Addict
–lipstick brand/shade - Clinique Long Last Soft Shine in Heather Moon
–at-home hair color/shade - Nice n Easy - Natural Darkest Brown
–face wash - Neutrogena Pore Refining Cleanser
–foundation - L’Oreal Ideal Balance in Pale
–mascara - Maybelline Great Lash in Blackest Black
–lotion - body - Lubridem Daily UV SPF 15; face - Neutrogena Moisture Oil Free SPF 15

–perfume: Obsession / Chanel No. 5

–lipstick brand/shade: brand doesnt matter, pinkish or orangish shiney lipgloss usually depending on what color I am wearing

–at-home hair color/shade: Clairol Nice N Easy natural blonde

–face wash: just plain old Camay soap

–foundation: Mary Kay / Cover Girl

–mascara: Mighty Lash

–lotion: Noxema

Perfume: Allure by Chanel
Lipstick Brand: blistex?
Hair colour: Egyptian Plum by natural insticts…
Face Wash: St.Ives Apricot scrub
Foundation: Don’t wear it… I am HORRIBLE at applying it.
Mascara: Maybeline mini-brush
Lotion: Boire hydrating moisturizer

I don’t really use alot of beauty products… I wash my face with a bar of soap and I only put on make up maybe once a month… I put on lotion when I remember and I only put on my perfume when I can find it(wich isn’t often)… Sure, I’ve got boobs but I’m not really a girl…

AAAIIIIIIGGGH!!! That is the best perfume in the world… Just seeing the name almost made me jump out of my skin!!! Smelling it makes me find the woman and…

Wow, I am so happy just seeing it in print. Best ever.

Oh god…!

<If only there were a smiley wreathed in lightning…!!>

Needless to say, my wife hates it, so I love her for other reasons. She wears stuff that makes me nauseous. :frowning:

I am so happy to be reminded of it though. SOOO happy!!!

–perfume Vanilla Feilds (cheap Wally-World stuff :))
–lipstick brand/shade Mary Kay Confettie (but they don’t make itanymore
–at-home hair color/shade
–face wash

opps…wrong button
–perfume Vanilla Feilds (cheap Wally-World stuff )

–lipstick brand/shade Mary Kay Confettie

–at-home hair color/shade -medium golden brown, but I dont dye anymore

–face wash soap? Don’t have bad complexion, dont’ use anything else

–foundation Whatevers on sell–hate Mary Kay

–mascara Clinque

–lotion Bath and Body works cumcumber melon

Dang, spiro51, I gotta get me some of that Samsara!