Give me examples of challenges which are Whelming

The game Wordle is neither too easy nor too hard. It is a time constrained challenge which neither underwhelms nor overwhelms. So it is a whelming challenge.

Another example? Your favourite sports team is down by one point with ten minutes left in the game. They could do it!

Can you give me other examples of things which whelm you?

I’ve been to long meetings at work, where the topical matter isn’t too technical, but is just interesting enough to keep me mildly interested. Not interesting enough to write home about, and just too long of a meeting to slightly detract from its usefulness, to make it a ‘mild neutral’ of a meeting. Not held on a boring Monday, nor on a looking-forward-to-the-weekend Friday, but square in the early afternoon on Wedneday.

The kind of neutral meeting where you are indifferent, and you go “just because you got invited.”

Writing something with a deadline is quite whelming.

Well, if you want a different “wordle-esq” challenge, you could try Worldle -
It shows you a country by shape, and you name the country. Guess one gives a response that indicates how many KM you’re off by, and the cardinal direction to head in. Try it without referencing a world map.

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To me, Pringles are the epitome of whelming. Potato chips should not all be exactly the same size and shape, and they should not contain just 42% potato content.


ETA: I see the OP is asking for whelming challenges specifically. OK, then, eating a stack of a dozen Pringles is a whelming challenge.

Growing zucchini is particularly whelming.

Which is another way of saying that the challenge (when the plants start to produce) is not being overwhelmed by them.


I cleaned the fridge.

It wasn’t as horrendous a job as I was expecting. But it did teach me the downside of forgetting excess vegetables in the back of the bottom shelf. And why not to lose sight of part of a slab of bacon.

“It might be meat…it might be cake.”

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