Give me some hope

Someone ease my mind please. I have to go take my “pre-employment urine test” tomorrow. I have not smoked in almost 2 weeks and am drinking TONS of water and taking various herbal cleansing aids. Prior to 2 weeks ago I had smoked on almost a daily basis for the past year. Please someone tell me that they’ve been here before and passed.

I’m not asking for advice to pass necessarily, i’ve done plenty of research on that…just ease my mind a little…

unless you have purchased one of those guaranteed cleansing aids, you aint gonna pass. and even then its iffy. sorry.

I purchased one.

By the way, are you basing your answer on experience?

when i went to rehab last august, it took 72 (!?!?!?!) days for me to piss clean. the world record is 77 days. i almost got kicked out. the really powerful stuff thats smoked these days is LOADED with THC. good luck.

well…this hasnt been the worlds best weed or anything. Not terrible either, just garden variety weed…

Not to burst your bubble, Quintas, but you should probably just wait it out and apply for a job after being clean for a bit.

I agree that the stuff that should be legal and all, but if it’s a good job, it’s worth it. I wouldn’t bet on the “cleansing” products too much.

Quintas sinking lower…and lower…and lower…

i also agree its worth it for a good job but I didnt expect this job…it was offered, I interviewed, I want it, now I just gotta pass the test. All you religious people here pray for me.

Not only have THC levels been increasing over the years, the tests have become more sensitive.

Not exactly what you wanted to hear, Q, but…whattya gonna do?

I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

the water does no good. i have heard (no experience) that there is a product out there that helps, but its not a cleanser, it blocks the test somehow. i think youre shit out of luck. i wouldnt take the test; make up an excuse, another two weeks and you should be good to go.

Put bleach on your fingertips and pee through your fingers, supposedly that works. This is from watching some HBO documentary about a petty thug who was called in by his parole officer for a mandatory drug test and he did that, ended up passing the test.
Or if you have more money, get someone to pee for you and smuggle it in like in Gattaca. Keep it strapped to your thigh so it remains at body temperature.

Here’s some hope.

There are incompetents in all professions. They may well fudge the test themselves.

In my company, you can demand a retest if you test postive, claiming an error by the lab. You should be able to pass the retest, given enough time between the tests.

spooje’s got a good point.

They don’t work, anyway. Abstaining and drinking lots of water, as you did, is the right thing to do. I’d say that you have a good chance of passing; if you don’t, your levels might be low enough that you can convince them to give you a retest in another couple of weeks. Obviously, keep abstaining until then.

Uh, I decided after I hit submit that I probably shouldn’t post that. I don’t have much experience with this, so take what I said with a grain of salt.

That said, try to delay or get out of the test, if possible. See if there’s anything that will cause false positives. Two weeks is kind of borderline, I think…how long had you been smoking before that?
Good lord, forcing people to piss into little cups at a “lab” to check if they’ve been smoking pot. What the fuck is wrong with the system of employment, here? Companies who submit their (potential) employees to this are, IMO, beneath contempt.

Quintas, I’m in the Atlanta area also, and I may have some useful info for you. Send me an email.


Its been three days now and no word, so I guess thats a good sign. I drank so much water beforehand I became slightly dizzy. I also took a handful of B vitamins, cleanse tabs, etc. I still won’t breathe easy till I make it past friday…

Hobnoblin…thanks for the offer of help…i’ve been busy with the new job and havn’t checked the board in a few days, especially since the first few replys were rather discouraging:eek: Personally I think I drank enough water to dilute a gallon of pure THC!