Give the girl away.

I was best friends with a guy who, unfortunately, was killed in an auto crash, 25 years ago. I have stayed close with his three kids, the youngest of which is now 30. She just stopped by my house today, and asked me to give her away at her marriage in November. I said that I would be honored, and, now to my question. What, exactly, do I do at the ceremony? The mother of the bride also passed away 2 years ago, so, I guess I’m the ‘parent figure’ in the mix? Help me out here. Thanks.

I had to be a deceased dad stand-in once. They told me everything I needed to know at the rehearsal.

In some ceremonies, the preacher asks the group assembled at the alter, “Who gives this woman in marriage?” To which you should reply, “I do.” Sometimes, the “giver” steps forward when saying that, and then steps back beside the Man of Honor.

Ceremonies vary as widely as the couples do themselves. You should just ask the bride what your part in the ceremony will be. You’ll get a chance to practice your part at the rehersal.

That’s a huge honour. Yes. they’ll tell you what to do and you’ll get to practice it. :slight_smile:

My father died in the early 70’s. When my sister got married, I was the one who gave her away. This basically involved walking her down the aisle, and answering as Lissa stated. Then I took my pre-arranged seat in the front row and that was pretty much the end of it. Any particulars of the ceremony will be clearly explained to you at the rehearsal.

It’s a huge honor, and all you have to do is basically follow directions. They will tell you when to go down the aisle, and you’ll know ahead of time what to say and do from the rehearsal. And if you get all nervous and can’t remember, the preacher will whisper what you need to do next.

What an honor! You must be a very special person to her. It might help you both if you asked her ahead of time what she would like you to do. Especially since you are the only parent figure, you will be even more important to her during this time. It would probably be nice if you got her a special gift and gave it to her before the wedding. Maybe you could take her out on a “date” and talk to her about how proud you are of her and then tell stories about how much her parents loved her and how proud they would be of her too.