Glamour Attack—I'm interviewing Mr. Kenneth!

. . . The hairdresser who did Jackie’s hair during her White House years, and Marilyn’s hair for her last photo shoot! He also did Kay Kendall’s hair when she was in New York from 1956–58, which is why I am interviewing him.

I am swooning from a Glamour Overdose. I think I have to go have my hair done before I even call him on the phone! "Think bouffant, Eve . . . "

See if you can get him to do your hair for you during the interview :slight_smile: Sounds fun!

Now that’s glamour!

Old school’s still the best school.

Let us know how it goes.

Well, he’s supposed to call today. I pincurled back-combed and VO-5’d myself into a stupor, and have achieved perfect pouffy Jackie Hair today. He’ll know, even over the phone . . .

Will you be doing a face-to-face interview (does he live in Manhattan? Is he retired or does he still take on the Pat Buckleys of the world?), or sticking to the telephone?

Break a leg!

Well, I just heard from Mr. Kenneth’s secretary . . . It may take a week or so for us to hook up. It seems there are many Hair Emergencies in New York this week, what with all the heat, humidity and rain. Picture a coiffure version of “Trauma: Life in the E.R.” as society matrons and fashionistas are wheeled in on stretchers, their bouffants wilting dangerously. “I need 50 cc’s of mousse, STAT!”

Mousse, schmousse - those ladies used AquaNet. My grandmother went to have her hair done at the same beauty parlor, by the same woman (Betty Lou, of course), for more than 30 years. She also had the dreaded “blue rinse” and a dress and shoes to match her hair.

He’s STILL alive?? How old must he be?

The name jolts back a lot of memories for me----A MAN’S OPINION by JAKE, GLORIA STEINEM. Lapped up EVERY word! Subscribed to GLAMOUR for YEARS. My favorite line in their “how to” articles----after they’ve just listed 10/20 things you should or should not do----“above all, be YOURSELF!”

Anyway—What do you do? Are you a writer? Freelance? Staff? For who?

BTW----I STILL use AQUA NET! Just not as much.

Dear exchigacoan

Our Miss Eve is a gal reporter.

She’s a career girl in New York, always after a scoop, often in trouble with her irascible boss, but always coming up with the goods.

She has a friendly rivalry with another reporter at the same paper, who looks a bit like Clark Gable, a bit like Jimmy Stewart, and a lot like Cary Grant.

Righht now she’s working on a Kay Kendall piece, but when that’s done she has a a plan to bust the local rackets wide open by going undercover as a b-girl.

The other reporter thinks this is far too dangereous, but she’ll do it anyway, and by golly, she’ll unveil those crooked politicians right up there on the platform at the big political rally, and as she rushes out into the windy rainswept night, the other reporter will catch her by the arm and say “For heavens sakes - how can I make you understand I love you?” and she’ll say “I know you do - you big lug!” and maybe she’ll let him kiss her.

Until a siren is heard, and they both race off to cover the Big Fire downtown.

She is only ever seen in black and white…

Well, yeah, what Redboss said. Except I am also sometimes in color, have stars in my eyes and flowing red hair, and I live at the Lovely Arms Apartments.

Oh, Mr. Kenneth is not that old—born 1927, still works every day at his salon on the (of course) Upper East Side.

. . . Oops, gotta go—Hank O’Hare and Pesky the Office Boy are at it again!

That would depend on how much Aquanet Eve uses.

Kenneth! Holy Guacamole, Eve, you are the luckiest girl I know. Kenneth is a MASTER. He invented pretty hair in the twentieth century…before him it was hats, tight old lady curls, scary boufants. I adore his work.

Please, somebody, let there be a heaven, where upon my arrival Way Bandy will do my face and Kenneth my hair (God grant him many years 'till then, naturally), then I’ll be off to a black and white ball (Mame’s or Truman’s, I don’t care…it is heaven, after all!)

I hope you will let us (read: me) know where your article appears. Good luck!