GLEE 2.08 "Furt" (or, the Carol Burnett episode)

Carol Burnett guest stars as Doris, Sue’s recently retired Nazi hunter mom. Meanwhile Kurt’s dad and Finn’s mom plan their wedding. Confirmed songs include a duet of Ohio (“Why oh why oh/did I ever leave Ohio?”) by Sue and Doris and Just the Way You Are & Sway by the GLEE club.

I really hope the Kurt’s dad/Finn’s mom is the back seat story line because “Nobody puts [Eunice] in a corner”.

Blips of the duet on Hulu and Glee’s web site ( , incidentally- being a site for “gay, lesbian and everyone else”).

I hope this is a lot better than it sounds.

Yeah, gotta admit it doesn’t sound great.

Judging by her acting talent (particularly with over-the-top characters AND pathetic and neurotic characters like Eunice) I always thought Carol Burnett would make a great Rose in Gypsy. While she’s too old to convincingly play it on screen now I’d still love to see her take on it.

Just realized that unlike most GLEE threads this one doesn’t have a poll, so if somebody wants to do the weekly “loved it/liked it/meh/hated it” poll I’ve no objections to this one being closed.

Here’s the poll Sampiro requested.

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Okay, this episode really started going downhill after the wedding, but the ending made up for it. I knew it wouldn’t be resolved as easily as Sue unilaterely expelling Karofsky. Sadly realistic too, it’s he said/he said, and the school just wants to wash their hands of it because nothing can be proved. :frowning: Even without knowing about the death threat Finn’s lack of interest was really douchy. I also imagine Coach Bieste would kick Karofsky off the team; she’s not the type to just ignore it because he’s a good player.

It’s always nice seeing this side of Sue come out once in a while (the protective “Good Sue”, not the batshit insane one). Sue & her mother were underwhelming. The auto-wedding thing was bizarre, even for this show. :dubious: Jean made up for it though.

I was very disappointed in the Sue-Doris bits and the Sue/Sue wedding (what a waste of Carol Burnett!), but I liked the rest. An overall meh for me.


I liked Finn’s song to Kurt at the wedding.

Well, another good story/not great songs episode. No singing at all until like halfway through. I guess they got a discount if they did all the Bruno Mars songs in one episode. The Marry You song strangely kind of worked, despite it’s lyrics. What’s the original context of that OHIO song? They really laid it on thick, but it worked, I teared up three times. It was nice seeing Sue take a stand for Kurt. I think she’s actually better off as principal. With her need for power satisfied, she’s able to actually be a little sensible.

Gelfling, Porcelein or Tickle Me Dough Face. That was cute.

It’s from the Leonard Bernstein / Comden & Green musical WONDERFUL TOWN, which I think was from 1953. Two sisters move to 1930s NYC to make it big and end up in a slummy Greenwich Village basement apartment, and as the blasting for the IND subway regularly shakes the place, they sing the song. This includes the spoken part between the verses, which is about them remembering why they left the cow town back in Ohio in the first place.

I don’t know, I loved the Burt/Carol wedding but the bully storyline was weird and obviously a device to move Kurt over to his crush’s school for a while. Weirder than weird was the Sue storyline; Burnett was about as warm as an iceberg and as funny as Martha in WHO’S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF. But it was nice to see Jean again and to see Sue try to do the right thing by Kurt.

Sue is pulling “Dark Crystal” references?


I never claimed my spelling was perfect. :slight_smile:

I thought she said Gelding! :smack: I guess even Sue wouldn’t get that offensive.

That tyrant choreographer from the 2nd (or third) episode of the first season called Kurt a gash, so gelding would have been positively Victorian in comparison. That said, who thought Tickle Me Doughface should get a vote on an appropriate nickname?

When I saw the actor playing Karofsky’s dad I got the vague notion that I’d seen him before - maybe as a bully in some teen movie(s) from my own teen years, but after checking IMDB I can neither confirm nor deny.

If Kurt stays at the Dalton Academy long enough to compete against New Directions I think it could make some interesting episodes. I assume therefor that it will last one episode at most.

Yeah, hated it this week, too. Again, too much like a traditional musical, and what a mish-mash and hodge-podge of plot points and weird songs. Blech.

I kept expecting Karofsky to bust into the wedding and pull a gun on Kurt just when he was so happy.

I am wondering if Karofsky (sp?) is going to end up killing himself. I did like Sue as principal in this ep and appreciated her reasoning for stepping down.

Carol Burnett was wasted on this episode. They could have done so much more with her in an ep if they hadn’t crammed the wedding in with her. But I did like Finn’s song. Just wish they had made some pronoun changes in his song!!